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      Must Reads From The Blog

      Meet the Maiasaura—"Good Mother Lizard"

      You’ve seen the dinos in Dinosphere– but have you ever taken the time to really get to know them? Well now’s your chance! In the Meet the Dinos blog series, you learn the behind the scenes story on all of your favorite dinosaurs, from their lives in the cretaceous period to their discoveries! Who is the Maiasaura? The Maiasaura is a composite...

      Family Health Tip: Sunscreen Myth vs. Fact

      A version of this blog post first appeared on Kids HealthLine, courtesy of Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent. As summer continues and sun exposure increases, review this list of myths and facts about protecting your child’s skin with sunscreen. MYTH: My child doesn’t have to wear sunscreen if she has naturally dark skin or if she gets a “base tan” early in the summer—after that,...