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      Capturing History Through Underwater Archaeology

      By Dave Rust, Children's Museum Photographer and Video Producer   As the Museum's photographer and videographer, I need to capture imagery of everything, which means that I get the opportunity to see up-close a lot of the amazing things folks do around here. I never know what I might do next, or when I'll be handed traveling orders!  Would you...

      Inspired by the Museum: When Tweens Take On the Haunted...

      This post was written by Children's Museum Blog Ambassador Katie White! Follow Katie's posts on the blog or follow her on Twitter @katieunscripted. One of the things I love about The Children’s Museum is that my tween daughter Alaina loves it just as much as my toddler. She may not love splashing in water or pouring sand all over the ground in Playscape like her baby brother, but she does...