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Children Museum In Indianapolis

The Real Santa's Workshop/Store

It has always been a tradition for our family to start our holiday off at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. The biggest hit for the kids then was the Santa's Secret Shop. My daughter could not wait to crawl through the entrance (only children could get in and shop, the entrance was way too small for adults) have Santas helpers help her choose, wrap, and pay for her gifts. It was SO awesome! After that and a picture with Santa, we would always end the visit by swoosing down the holiday slide. Now, younger family members continue with the "Awesome Holiday Time", which we now call it, and ALWAYS at the Children's Museum.

Name: Jowanna Peterson

The beginning of a new family

A little over four years ago, my husband and I began dating. I already had a 6 year old daughter from a previous relationship. When we decided to get more seriously involved with one another, we thought it would be a good idea to go on a "group date" with just the three of us. Since my daughter and I had a membership to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, we thought it would be the perfect place to go! It was the first time my husband had been to the museum since he was a kid! We all had a wonderful time together! We even still have the 2 dinosaurs they drew together on the second story of the Dinosphere! (my husband's has a Christmas hat!) They even raced down on the Yule Slide while I took a picture! It's the first picture I have of the two of them together! Since then, my husband has adopted my daughter and raises her as his own! We also have recently added a new member to our happy little family! I hope that some day, our daughter can look back at that first date at the Children's Museum and see that her family was started right there!

Name: Nicole Carson

Family Tradition

The Children Museum of Indianapolis was a huge part of my childhood and now I am happy to be able to make it a part of my children's lives as well. Every year the day after Thanksgiving my family went to the museum and I am now thrilled to be able to carry on that tradition with my own children. My two year old daughter loves racing her father down the Yule slide, while my 16 month old son watches the giant snowflakes overhead. My children can't wait to explore the Jolly Days exhibit, and there is always something new every year for them to experience and learn from. My favorite memories from the museum was my sons first time seeing Santa, and my husband and daugher playing peek-a-boo through the windows of the ice castle. We are looking forward to our visit this year! The Children's museum is an amazing place for children and parents alike to feel the spirit of Christmas. The museum is full of joy, visiting it is the perfect way to begin the Christmas season.

Name: Katy Olson

Through the Eyes of a Child

Barbie brought us to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis on my daughter’s 4th birthday on March 26, 2011. The line was horribly long but to become a member that line was short. My daughter is so excited that Barbie is back but more excited to go down the Yule Slide. My daughter was adopted from Russia so Christmas is a special time for us. We are especially looking forward to coming to the museum during the Christmas season and to see the decorations but most of all to do the Yule Slide. I don’t know who is more excited my daughter or me!

Name: Kena Clark

Yule Slide Rules!!!

Our family loves the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, especially at holiday time! I have fond memories of chaperoning both of my children’s field trips to the museum when they were in kindergarten (six and three years ago). Nothing beats racing down the Yule Slide! There is so much to see and do there that we visit the museum a few times a year. This year, we were able to bring their cousins (ages 3 & 4) from Virginia to the museum and a fabulous time was had by all. You can never get too old for it. I still enjoy going, as does my 12-year old daughter and 8-year old son. We always find something new and educational and have our favorites that we must visit on every trip. Our holidays would not be complete without a trip to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum!

Name: Debbie Snyder

Baking Cookies and Meeting the Big Guy (Santa)!

I love going to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis with my parents during the holidays. I love to play for hours pretending to make Christmas cookies and serving tea. The fire place is so cozy and the little tables are just my size. I also love to meet the Big Guy (Santa). Standing in line to see him is not so hard with all the other nice things to look at. I just love the museum. We end the trip with a slide down the Yule Slide. What a Blast!

Name: Amber Fought

Together with my Family

This past year My husband got out of the army after serving 11 years and receiving 2 purple hearts. We declared Indiana our home. One of the first things we did was go to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis and get a season pass. We can never say "There is Nothing to Do" Because there is always something new or something we might have over looked at the Children's Museum. 

In the past we would come to visit my family in Indiana. We would always go to the children's museum. Regardless of how old you are there is always something for everyone.

My daughter who is 13 loves the Barbie exhibit (she might not tell anyone) but we always have to walk through it before we leave. My son who is 2 loves everything, but it is really hard to get him out of the water area where you fish. I am so excited about visiting the children's museum during the holiday. I love the holidays anyways, but reading what the museum has to offer already gives me that fuzzy feeling. I can not wait to see the children's face when they see the yule slide and Santa Claus. I am excited to be a kid again too. I love Santa.

I am also looking forward to watching my kids have fun while my husband standing next to me.  Knowing that we are not just visiting Indiana but it is our home and we are together safe is an amazing feeling.

Name: Katy Holcombe


I first took my son to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis last year while my husband was attending a conference in Indianapolis. The plan was to spend the first day at the Children's Museum and the second day at the zoo. Well, after 7 hours at the Children's Museum, I told Matthew it was time to go. He was heartbroken because we had not made it past the 2nd level. I asked if he would prefer to come back to the museum rather than go to the zoo and he said "Yes Mom, please, please can we come back? Can we come here every day Mom?". We spent 8 hrs there the second day and he still wasn't ready to go. He found wonder and amazement around every corner. I can't wait to take him for the holiday season!

Name: Sally Kelley

Holiday Time at the Museum

My family loves to visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis during the holidays. Along with the various decorations, music, and festive atmosphere, we enjoy the holiday related attractions, culture, history, and sliding down the Yule Slide. It is just one more thing that makes the holiday time in Indianapolis that much more enjoyable and memorable. It is a tradition for us and I hope to someday enjoy it with my grand kids, great-grand kids, etc.

Name: Chris Wendt




Lucy's Santa Experience

Children's Museum FanUnfortunately we do not have any Children's Museum of Indianapolis holiday stories to share but would love to start. We are new members to the museum and we encourage everyone to join. My daughter Lucy is 2 ½ years old and she loves Santa, we have already been watching Santa Claus the movie for weeks now. The Yule Slide sounds amazing and I am sure Lucy would enjoy! I hope that you choose us for the holiday scavenger hunt so that we can start making new holiday memories at the museum that we can continue on as a tradition. We love the museum and I am going to continue to introduce my daughter to all the amazing things the children’s museum has to offer!

Name: Rachelle Gordon

Feel like a kid again

Christmas is a magical and wonderful time of the year. I can't think of a better place to spend the holidays. Just seeing all of the beautiful decorations and drinking some hot cocoa. No matter how old you are you can feel like a kid again at Christmas time at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. I'm sure I would treasure the memories all of my life.

Name: Kathy Carlson

First time

This is the first year our family has had a membership at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. My kids Noah, 8, and Bailey, 6, had only been to the musuem as toddlers. We have been wanting to get a membership, and were finally able to do so. My kids LOVED it!! They begged me to go back the next day, so we did. Two days full of fun for them. They (and I) can't wait to see what all there will be during the holiday season! My kids are AMAZING and I would love for them to get a opportunity to do something so fun!! It would mean so much to them and me.

Thanks so much for doing this scavenger hunt and give away! It will sure bring a smile to lots of faces :)

Name: Kelly McConaha

My boys are growing

Children's Museum FanMy name is Lindsey Lamb. I have two boys, one is 9 and the other is 2. I am so blessed to have these boys in my life and I would not change it for the world. We have never been to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis over the holidays. We live in Anderson, Indiana, so it hasent always been easy to get there during the holiday season. We did get to come there this summer and boy did the kids love it. My youngests favorite part of the whole day was the Sesame Street show we saw with the stars in the Planetarium. He had never seen anything like that and he talked about stars for days! I would love to come be a part of this event with my kids...the one thing that I will make sure we do this winter is slide down the Yule Slide. This is something I have been hearing about for years. No matter the outcome of this contest I will get the boys there to slide down the Yule Slide!!!

Name: Lindsey Lamb

The year of The Yule Slide!!

Children's Museum FanOur family adores The Children's Museum of Indianapolis (seriously, we're there all the time!!) and the holidays are no exception. The Jolly Days exhibit, seeing Santa, the fantastic photo ops, we love them all. But what I am MOST excited about this year is the Yule Slide! We moved to Indianapolis from the UK in November 2009, but our babies were just too dinky to go on that year. Last year we queued up, filled with great excitement and anticipation, but when we reached the front our daughter (then aged 2.5) changed her mind and declared in no uncertain terms “DON’T WANT TO”!

So this is it, I can feel it, 2011 is our year to ride the slide. I can’t wait!!!

Name: Seonad Hallam

Winter Wonderland

I enjoy the Children's Museum of Indianapolis during the holiday season because it is like a Winter Wonderland. Lots of fun, laughter, exciting and educational things to do, see and experience. Smiles on all the children's faces, excitement on the parents faces. The museum is very well decorated and filled with the Christmas Spirit. If you or anyone come to the Children's Museum during the Christmas Holiday, and if they do not come with the Christmas Spirit, they will definitely leave with the Christmas Spirit. Wonderful place and various things to do.

Name: Priscilla Simmons

Seeing the world through my child's eyes

My son will be 2 and a half years old this Christmas. We purchased a Children’s Museum of Indianapolis membership this summer so that we could have a place to let him explore and learn. Since we started taking him to the museum on a more-regular basis, we saw our son’s progress take off like never before. Gavin was born 6 weeks early at just 3 lbs 5.9 oz, and has been our little miracle. He has not been ill, nor born with any great health concerns. However, we noticed some speech and developmental delays in him, so we put him in therapy. While that therapy has done wonders for him, Gavin didn’t REALLY come out of his shell until we began going to the Museum. Suddenly, he was making connections, starting to talk more, reciting his alphabet like you wouldn’t believe, and blossoming at an incredible rate. Watching life through his little eyes has been an experience I could never describe in a way anyone would understand. Knowing he has made such progress through the wonder of touch and play is even more awe-inspiring. This holiday season, we look forward to watching his new world come alive as he learns who Santa is and connects with the world through the spirit of sharing and love. This will be our first holiday season with the Museum, and we as parents are excited to see how it helps him “put it all together” in his ever-expanding mind. Whether it be how he interacts with the other children as he continues to understand what giving means, or whether it’s a themed exhibit that sparks something new in him, we know that the holidays with the Museum will give us many more wonderful and treasured family memories.

Name: Carrie Cesavice

Finally, we're here!

We are a U.S. Navy family of five. My husband recently started working at the Navy ROTC unit at Purdue University. Last year, as we waited to receive confirmation that my husband would receive the orders to the job at Purdue, I researched things to do with my family in Indiana. We were living in Italy, and although there were many wonderful things to see there, I really missed the opportunity to bring my family to the wonderful museums we have in the U.S. One of the most appealing activities to my youngest daughter, Emily, and myself were the activities at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis--especially the Holiday activities! She played the games on your website in anticipation of our move when we could go to the museum in person. We joined as members very soon after we arrived to Indiana this summer and are looking forward to all of the special activities planned at the museum.

Name: Michelle Huff

Making Memories in the Neighborhood

As members living in Historic Meridian Park just blocks away, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is a regular outing for our family. It's great because we don't feel we have to see every part of the museum during each visit but can savor a few special exhibits.

This is especially helpful at the holidays when Jolly Days sets up shop. We can focus on the fun of the season and make a special trip to visit with Santa. We think the Children's Museum Santa is the real deal and love our collection of photos chronicling the years.

But of course there is no better way to cap the visit to Santa than a quick exit down the Yule Slide. Certainly the kids enjoy it, but I think they are more amused by seeing mom and dad make the trip too!

Name: Alisha Valentine

Holidays Through the Eyes of Children

Children's Museum FanOur family became members of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis this year and have spent several afternoons with our 2 girls, 18 months and 3, taking in the sights. Their favorite areas are the dinosaurs, dragons and the animals of the Carousel. So much so that our 3 year old was a dinosaur and our 18 month old was a purple dragon for Halloween! It is wonderful to watch their expressions each time we visit the museum. A wonderful bonus is that we can take an afternoon away from our busy lives to interact on their level. We play at the water table, do puzzles on the large magnetic wall, get lost in the mirror maze and say hi to each of the exhibit animals. We have never been to the museum during the holidays and are very excited to make it a new tradition. Finances are really tight right now and we are placing a lot of focus on the "non-material" areas of the holidays. Time together as a family is priceless and the museum is a great place to experience new things. I can't think of a better view than to watch our girls experience new things and witness the excitement in their eyes.

Name: Joni Sedberry