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Children Museum In Indianapolis

Our Favorite Day

Tuesday is my children's favorite day of the week. My boys are 3 and 4 years old and are curious little guys. Every Monday we choose a theme and throughout the week we do projects to learn as much about the selected theme as possible. So why is Tuesday their favorite day? Because every Tuesday we get in the car and go to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis to discover something new about our theme. There are so many exhibits that we can always tie in our theme with one of them. Every week we come with a list of questions we want to find the answers for and search the related exhibit until we find all the answers and more! While we are there we usually come up with more questions and will seek out the staff who have always been informative and really great about answering the kid's questions. Our week of Dinosaurs was an amazing experience for the kid's. We have gone through the Dinosphere countless times but always learn something new. We spent 2 hours in the Dinosphere that Tuesday and my children still talk about it. My children love that the Indianapolis Children's Museum is a place that they can explore and discover new things each and every week.

Name: Ashley Berna

The Big Hunt

I think we are the biggest Children Museum of Indianapolis fans. My kids love going to the museum to see all the different exhibits. My 2 year old absolutely loves the Dora exhibit. We always have to take pictures of each Dora character every time we go, which we have about a hundred of the same picture but on different days. My 7 year old she just loves seeing everything—not one particular thing is her favorite she just likes them all.

Now my 5 year old son was born deaf son it’s a bit different to see him at the Children Museum. One of his favorite movies is National Treasures with Nicolas Cage. My son loves to scavenger hunt. That is more his speed because he can’t here he has to figure things out and that’s how he understand it. It would be exciting for our family to win the trip to Washington but it would be more excitieing to us if we could be selected as one of the 100 hundred families to go on the scavenger hunt that would be something my son would never forget.

Thank you
God Bless

Name: John Calmes

Indianapolis Children's Museum Memories

Im a single mommy of three great kiddos. We love going to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. We go about four or five times a year. We have learned sooo much from the museum, expecially from the exhibit that has Anne Frank, Ryan White, etc. One of the biggest things I try to teach my kids that my mom taught me is that it is never our place to judge anyone. This exhibit has great examples of how people, expecially kids have been judged and treatly badly by people. My kids are half black, so the exhibit really is a great example of how segregation has changed over time. I will admit that my son, who was about 7 at the time of the visit, was balling his eyes out when he saw some of the KKK stuff in the exhibit. It really scared him (he is very sensitive), but at the same time was a great example of how real this stuff really was and still is today. We look forward to continue coming to the museum for years to come and learning more and more from our visits. :)

Name: Candice Baker

My family

We visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis often during the summer, about once a week. My family and I have learned a lot at the museum, my children love it. We all enjoyed the King Tut exhibit, we went three times. My wife loved it. We love to explore new things and places, it is a time for us to bond. We love the dinosaur gallery downstairs, the first time we took our soon he was only a year old and got really scared when the lighting effects came on. Now it's one of his favorite places in the museum.

Name: Richard Geisen

Instilling the Love of Learning

My husband and I, who both have teaching degrees, have the common goal to instill in our girls a love of learning. We try to give them opportunities to discover things on their own whenever possible. We offer guidance to help them get even more from the learning opportunity, but do it in a way that they think they did all on their own. It's so thrilling to see their faces light up when they feel successful.

The first time we visited the Children's Museum of Indianapolis we tried to cram as much as possible into our day trip. We didn't want to miss a thing, and we wanted to get our money's worth! We soon discovered, however, that rushing the kids through the museum made the experience not only stressful on us, the parents, but also on them. We decided to purchase a membership and now when we visit we allow them to decide which exhibits to visit and how long they'd like to stay. We never make it to very many different exhibits in each trip but they, and we, come away with so much more because we took the time to explore every aspect of the exhibit. We discover something new with each trip, even in the Dino exhibit which we visit every single time!

I highly recommend the membership program and have recruited a good number of families to join. The museum has so much to offer for all ages and helps provide learning opportunities in a very fun, interactive environment. It completely matches our parenting philosophy for teaching them to love learning. We just can't enough!

Name: Heather Bennett

Skaggs' Family Loves the Children's Museum

The Skaggs' Family consists of a Shirlene (Mom), Jeff (Dad), Jadyn (7 year old daughter), Jonah (3 year old son), Segan (2 year old son), Sammi (1 year old daughter). We try to visit the Children's Museum of Indianapolis as often as possible at least once per month. The Museum has so many different things to offer to my children. They all love riding the carousel and all of the temporary exhibits. My 7 year old daughter especially loves the Barbie Exhibit. Also, my 3 year old son loves the trains. My younger children always love the hands on nature of the Playscape and ScienceWorks.

I have so many amazing memories of the Children's Museum from all the way back when I was a kid but my most memorable was my most recent. My 7 year old daughter absolutely loves the Disney Princesses. She watched the Princess and the Frog and had a new favorite movie. So in April, I decided to surprise her with a live experience of the Frog Prince at the Lilly Theater. Her face just lit up completely when she saw what she was getting ready to watch. It was a phenomenal experience for her and I. The Skaggs' Family would be the biggest and best Children's Museum explorers because we have discovered nearly everything that the museum has to offer and we absolutely love it.

Name: Jeff Skaggs

Our Family♥

ExplorersOur family consists of three: Mom, Dad and Kaden. We try to come to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis at least once a month. We love to just spend the day exploring the different exhibits and activities! We haven't been since the addition of "Bumblebee" which will be a hit for our family.... Transformers is a favorite at our house. Kaden's 5th birthday was in March and the theme was Transformers!! I have wonderful pictures that were taken at The Children's Museum, especially when Kaden was younger in Playscape on a tractor and in the Dinosphere posing with dinos!! We love to be adventurous, often spending spring and summer outdoors at parks or Brown County! Riding the Carousel is a must every trip!! We love to find new things everytime we come and think a scavenger hunt sounds awesome!!

Name: Ashley Seagle

Always something new

ExplorerOur drive to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis is always the same: my two daughters are each allowed to choose three exhibits or activities they would like to explore that day. The negotiations can last ten minutes as they weigh all the options and try to add things we haven't seen for a while mixed with old standards (like the carousel).

But once we arrive they are most thrilled when we're able to add a special unexpected activity to our list. The first time we experienced such a detour, we made our own race cars in Playscape. Most recently we joined a class to design a dress in Barbie - my five-year-old now tells everyone that she knows how to make clothes. These unusual museum moments have been the most special and memorable for my kids. We've stood in a crowded room to count down to noon, we've been the only ones in the planetarium, we've drawn dragons, played Egyptian instruments, sung dozens of songs, learned Spanish, and then - perhaps most interesting to me - learned the subtle differences between rock and fossilized bone or wood.

The anticipation of exploring familiar areas keeps my young children excited about returning - but the anticipation of discovering new surprises keeps me excited to bring them.

Name: Heather Lusk

Night at the Museum

ExplorerWe have a membership to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, so we visit about every other month. We have discovered a lot at the museum that we didn't know before the visit. For example: How small the Enterprise model that was used in Star Trek. We learned a lot about Anne Frank, Ryan White and Ruby Bridges.

Our daughter loves to go to the museum. She enjoys seeing all the exhibits. We have so many memorable moments when we visit. We bring family and friends with us. Each trip has its memories. I would have to say that one of most recent memorable moments was the last time we were there. We had watched the movie "The Night at the Museum". As we were wondering our way through Dinosphere My child ask me if I thought that the night watchman throws bones for all of the dinosaurs.

I have made a scavenger hunt for my husband and daughter. It relieved stress for my husband and gave my daughter time with just her father. To have a chance to do a scavenger hunt as a family would pull us together more. To win a trip to Washington DC would be a dream come true for my child. She talks all the time about going to the Museum of Natural History.

Name: Tamara Bayne

Unstoppable Curiosity

ExplorerKatrina and I have two children -- 4-year-old Armand Zefram and his little sister Autumn-Rose. Armand always loved the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, but it became even more important when he was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer in 2009. He was quite often weak between treatments, but he still loved exploring the museum as often as possible during our short home stays. He always brightened up at the chance to go to "Dinosaur Museum" and make his way through Playscape.

Most of the cancer is behind him now, and he's no longer bald, but he still loves exploring, seeing new things, going new places, and showing the world to his little sister. He also loves geocaching -- citywide scavenger hunting via GPS -- and delights in finding new secrets and hidden treasures. His unstoppable curiosity is one of the reasons he made it through his illness, and he indulges it every chance he gets at the Children's Museum. Even now he continues to build up his strength by scaling mighty Playscape mountains and making his way through nature tunnels.

Name: Paul Pogue

Life is an Adventure

With three little monkeys I feel that life is our biggest adventure. My oldest son is 9, daughter is 8, and youngest son is 6. As you can imagine life is busy, crazy, hectic, and wonderful all the time.

My favorite memories of my kids would have to be watching them all "geared up" in dress up clothes "exploring" our back yard. (This would include vests, food, binoculars, hiking bags, food, hats, flashlights, walking sticks and more food.) Scaling up the slide, trekking through the dangerous lilac bushes, climbing the (jungle) trees, and finding new territories to hide out in through the fence...

We are in love with museums! We don't get down to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis as much as we would like to but we make the most of our visits while there. You can't fully explore everything in just one day!

No matter how old my children get their favorite part of being at the museum is the chance to pretend to be someone or something else! Wether they are making their own movie or cartoon, dressing up as a bird in its own habitat, or their absolute favorite (paleontologist) digging up buried (bones) treasures!

Since the release of the movies, Night at the Museum (1 and 2) my children have found a new appreciation for museums. That mixed in with their love for history would make a trip to D.C. a dream come true. What better place to explore and have a new adventure then our nations capital!
I think they are at a perfect age for this. Their little minds are just soaking up new information and they think history is fun. So please help us fuel this love of history and exploration with our own families adventure to D.C.

Name: Jennifer Ilic

What I like about the childrens museum

I think my dad and me have been to the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis over 100 times. I really like the dinosaur puzzle and to build my own dinosaurs on the computer. I like to learn things in the lab. The butterfly room is also cool. I have not climed the rock wall yet but I will when I am old enough.

Name: Robert

Dino Arms

ExplorerAs members of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, we have shared many great experiences with our family. Our kids are always anxious to return as there are always new things to explore.

One of our best memories was the first time we took our family to the dinosaur exhibit. At first my daughter was a little apprehensive, but the "tour guide" saw this as an opportunity to engage her into the story about the T-Rex. After a short story from the guide, my daughter was reciting every fact about the dinosaurs. In fact, she continued to use her "dinosaur arms & voice" to see what it felt like to be a dinosaur.

This is a special memory that our family will hold for the rest of our life. We love the museum and opportunity for families to learn and have a good time. I am a lifetime fan!

Name: James Seay

Worth The Trip

ExplorerWe have been members of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis for several years. My sons both attended the preschool--even with an hour and fifteen minute drive! We love it that much! We attend roughly once a month although it varies due to our schedules. We always start out at the dinosaurs and proceed through the trains. Then we start at the 4th floor and work our way down. A stop at the store is always a must and I have gotten lots of Christmas shopping done there in the past. They have an awesome selection of toys and educational products that we all love--plus a rewards program towards future purchases. Of course we always stop for cotton candy too! It would be hard to select a favorite memory but watching my childrens' faces light up at the sights and sounds of the trains is a front-runner. We also really appreciate the handicap-friendly layout of the parking and museum. With a daughter in a wheelchair, it really helps having such an easy space to play in!

Name: Carrie Shahbahrami

Day-Trip Explorers

After a two hour drive to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the junior explorers are ready to stretch their legs and minds. The adventure begins as soon as they step into the walkway over the busy street below. "Watch out for the colors at your feet!" they shout to each other. Only their imaginations can predict what might happen if they inadvertantly step onto a forbidden stripe. The two younger explorers watch intently from the safety of their stroller, waiting eagerly for their chance to set their feet (or in the case of the youngest, hands and knees) on the ground.

ExplorerThe sunlit entrance brings to mind all the adventures of the past. One explorer, still not sure of how the seasons change, asks "where is the slide?" The oldest guide takes adventage of the opportunity for a quick lesson on how winter turns to spring and how many adventures might be had before it is once again time for the return of Jolly Days. And with that, the exploration begins.

The young explorers are still perfecting their teamwork skills, as evident in the brief squabbles regarding which direction to head in first. The oldest prefers Barbie (even explorers should look fabulous, you know!), but perhaps Science Works would be a compromise - so much there relates to things she has studied in the classroom recently. The second votes for Dinosphere - he has conquered his fear of those prehistoric sounds and is ready to delve into all there is to learn. He knows his guides will read the signs to him if he only asks, and he can find out the answers to all the questions he has come up with since his last visit. The third is eager to visit the horses on the fourth floor. She hopes that she will soon be able to ride on one that jumps into the air! The youngest does not share his opinion, for he is fascinated by everything his eyes can take in. The guides know, though, that he would love to crawl about Playscape and explore things at his level with his unique perspective.

The day is spent moving from one adventure to the next. Each explorer discovers something new and exciting at every stop. The oldest even laments that she is a bit too old for exploring with Dora and Diego, but it does look like SO much fun! The water in the clock keeps moving, though, and soon there is very little time left. There is time only for a brief rest and refreshment before that friendly T-Rex (the guides PROMISE he isn't scary!) waves good-bye. For the littlest explorer, the best discovery has been saved for last...his very first ice cream cone!

Name: Valerie Skiles

Learning and Fun Really Can Go Together!

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis has been a very important part of our family life for the past 14 years. Ever since I had my first of four children, my husband and I have made sure to take our family there many, many times. My kids have always loved the museum. They love exploring and they don't even realize at the time how educational it is. We don't just take our children. We usually take my sister and her children with us. The last time we came to the museum was a couple months ago and we brought 7 adults and 11 kids with us. We had a blast! We always try to do the trivia and games and things. We did the one where you have to answer a question correctly and then put on one article at a time to become a superhero. The kids loved it!

My very favorite times at the museum though are the holidays. I especially love the Christmas things. We always get a picture with Santa in an ornament to hang on the tree. I love how the kids are all so tuned in. The teenagers can even live without their electronic devices for a whole day and just be a family. It is great! I have always loved the museum and always will. I am looking forward to taking my grandchildren there sometime in the next decade or so. Thank you!

Name: Heather Fulton

Why We Would Love To Go To Washington D.C.

We just purchased a family pass to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. We love to take the day and come to the museum. The museum has been our "day vacation" every year since my daughter was born in 2004. This year we spent two days enjoying the "Take Me To Egypt" exhibit. My daughter is now six and truly loves that exhibit. Also, her favorite group class this year has been the "Dora and Diego" exhibit. She loves the small groups we went in to discover where a certain animal lives, what they eat and what was wrong with the particular animal. Melannie loves to explore and do research on different topics with me.

I have been reading the Capital Mystery chapter book series to her the last six months and she loves to hear about different places and things to see in Washington D.C. We absolutely love the "hands-on" learning and exploring at the museum. We always have great memories from each year that we visited.

Thank you,
The Madson Family

Name: Dawn Madson

The Greatest Adventure

Over the past 6 years the Children's Museum of Indianapolis has been like a second home to us. Depending on the time of year, we visit several times a week or monthly.

It is where my oldest daughter, Catherine, discovered at the age of 18 months that she wanted to be a palaeontologist. We have spent countless hours in the Dinosphere digging for dinosaurs and chatting with the dinosaur experts in the dino lab. She is looking forward to going on her first dinosaur dig in the future.

It is also where my youngest daughter, Victoria, discovered her love of fashion thanks to the Barbie exhibit. The exhibit has inspired her to create some pretty unique fashion choices lately, impressive for a 2 1/2 year old.

Our family looks forward to our trips to the museum. As a parent I enjoy watching my kids expand their horizons and use their imagination...where else can one travel back in time millions of years, visit Dora and Deigo, and travel to Egypt all before lunch? That really is the GREATEST adventure, the adventure that one goes on when one uses their imagination. We look forward to having many more adventures at the Children's Museum.

Name: Jessica DeCook

Hands on Family Learning!

ExplorersWe have four children ages 13 and under. We visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis at minimum monthly. We often come down on Sunday afternoons because we go to church in Indy. We have recently learned alot about Egypt, and that the Dora area can be great fun (our youngest is 7 and on the autism spectrum - we learned he is very quick and likes to make his 13 year old sister re-enact the telescope scene from the Pirates Dora there in the ship)!

We have many memorable moments riding the Carosel (one daughter has a favorite horse even). We have learned that the actors in the theater plays are silly and talented. We have learned about the stars and that they are seen from around the world thanks to the Sesame Street planetarium show. We have spent much time digging up dinosaur bones and have learned that this is a tedious process that requires much patience. The jelly bean art is amazing and a very fun twist on art. We learned that the mirror maze is difficult - our 7 year old is quick and we temporarily lost him! Yikes!!

The Childrens Museum has provided us hours of educational and fun hands on entertainment. Thank you for all you do!!

Name: Melissa Nemeth

Biggest TCM fans ever!

A member of our family visits the museum at least once a week! I volunteered at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis when I was a child, and my mother-in-law has taken each of my kids every Tuesday for the last 7 years. We know The Children's Museum like the back of our hands and it occupies a very special spot in the heart of our family. On a recent trip to Disney World a former TCM staff member recognized my daughter (Lucy) from her frequent visits! We really feel like a part of the TCM family :)

Name: Heidi Sexson