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Why we love this place!!

ExplorerMy children and my wife and I adore the Children's Museum of Indianapolis! We got a membership last year and have worn it out with all the trips we have taken to the museum! We have also had the opportunity to take family and friends (especially children) with us who would not normally get to go because we have the guest passes when we go. That has made more than one child very happy! Our son is a dinosaur fanatic, who talks about the Dinosphere all the time, and asks to go back on a weekly basis. The diva that our daughter is, she just loves the barbie exhibit, making clothes and modeling her 'barbie style". Last time we went we got to see dora and diego as well as the super hero costumes...we all flipped out!

Every exhibit is done so wonderfully, we are ALL children when we are at the museum. I love being able to lose myself into the worlds the museum presents to us and be child like again and share that experience with our children and to see it more like they see it. I think that is what makes the children's museum so unique and such a precious commodity for Indiana. We will renew our membership again at the end of the summer and I know we will enjoy another year of exploration and excitement!

Name: Brian Roberts

Never disapointed!!

My family and I love The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. We usually visit about once or twice a month! We have 4 kids ages 7,5, 1 1/2 and 4 months. The three oldest have an absolute blast everytime we visit. We usually keep it a secret that we are going because if we would tell them in advanced we would go nuts listening to them go on and on about when will we get there. It is about an hour drive for us but totally worth it.
Our toddlers favorite part is playscape. I think she would spend a whole day there. The older two kids are huge fans of Scienceworks. It is also a must that we ride the carosel every visit! We are never disapointed when we visit The Children's Museum.

Name: Erika Hunteman

The Stalter Scavengers

Hello, we are the Stalter Scavengers. We LOVE to to do things as a family, from finding the best deals on entertainment, food, and clothing we feel like every day can be an adventure. We are a family of 6 and enjoy being members of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. We have been coming for years, each time is memorable as we find new things in do do in the Science Lab or Dino sphere. The Lilly Theater was a big hit with the kids during Spring Break, they got to participate from the audience, it made their day! See the thing is my kids don't learn in a traditional desk & chair school setting, the Museum is so great at letting the kids explore, experiment, splash, climb, dig, & then sit quietly and search for hidden glass sculptures in the ceiling of the Chihuly display. You allow them to dress up like a fashion model, a construction worker, an animal all under one roof. We try to get to the museum as often as time allows. Our most memorable moments are numerous, from making their very own Barbie dresses to feeling like a child myself from seeing costumes from my favorite childhood movies during the Costume exhibit. The Mr. Roger's display hit home on all levels as I loved the show as a little girl & so now does my own daughters. We truly are thrilled to go and explore ever time we get a chance. It is such a great place to get all your energy out in a creative learning adventurous way, we come home exhausted time and time again. Thanks for your consideration.

Name: Rose Stalter

Hands on fun!

My kids love this museum. We have lived in alot of places and visited alot of childrens museums. Indianapolis is the best hands down. When we come to the museum it is an all day affair. We pack a lunch and eat outside when it is warm at. We ALWAYS ride the carousel at least once. My older children love All Aboard and Fireworks of Glass while my younger boys love Dora and Deigo. It is so nice to be able to visit one place and find something for everyone to do. We love to go at Christmas to see Santa and the kids love the slide. My oldest child loves the water clock and we have to come back out to see it no matter what. :) The Haunted House is always a must event for us too as well. I have been visiting the museum since I was 6. Ive seen alot of exhibits come and go. My favorite of all time is still the muppet exhibit that you used to have. I always thought that it was fascinating to see how the BIg Bird costume worked. With four children we are always finding little things here and there that we didnt see before. Details that we might have missed. No matter how many times we see the same exhibit there is always something new to see and explore.

Name: Briana George

Children's Museum is Fun For All Ages

The seven children in our family range in age from 8 to 31. So, we've had lots of years to make the Children's Museum of Indianapolis a favorite family destination.

Because of the wide range in ages of the children, we usually split up into groups at the museum. The older kids have always favored the Science Works. When kids are younger, the Playscape is always a definite on every visit. All ages have enjoyed the Star Wars, Comic Book Heroes and Dinosphere.

However, it doesn't matter how old anyone is- no visit the museum is complete without a visit to the Carousel. Everyone, including mom and dad, rides the carousel on every visit. It's just not a visit to the Children's Museum without our carousel ride!

Name: Susan Holtz

First-Time Explorers!

ExplorersOur family has 4 little people who LOVE to EXPLORE! Upon moving to Indiana from Michigan, we were informed that The Children's Museum in Indianapolis was a MUST-SEE! We've only visited once but were were blown away with the exhibits, the creativity and all of the options for our entire family!

Our children could hardly contain their excitement as they marveled at the colors in the blown glass center, as they traveled through prehistoric lands discovering dinosaurs and eggs, as they dug through sand wearing goggles and brushes to discover "bones", as they wandered through the science center. Such looks of amazement, excitement and growth! They took it all in!

Their favorite experience? Traveling through Egypt! They loved hopping on the plane, looking out the windows and racing through Egypt--music, jewelry, arts! They loved it all!

Our youngest would say his favorite explorations pertain to the trains. He adores trains of any kind and could simply wander through all day!

We thoroughly enjoyed our explorations and would love another opportunity to do so! With a husband who is a public school teacher, it's awesome to be able to take the kids somewhere where they can learn and have FUN! We look forward to discovering more through explorations with our children.

Name: Melanie Cowper

We Love The Children's Museum

ExplorerWe absolutely love the Children's museum of Indianapolis. We like to go several times a year. My oldest daughter is 14 and she loves your Science lab. She literally could spend hours in it. She loves looking under the microscope and examining whatever the topic of the day is. She's enjoyed the leaf dissection and discovering the pistil and the stamen etc, she loved looking at salt crystals under the microscope and growing her bean plant. My youngest loves your museum so much that she even traveled in a wheelchair just so she could visit your Egypt exhibit  (she was recovering from pneumonia). Needless to say the museum has been a favorite for our whole family.


We just LOVE The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

ExplorerThe Hallam family just LOVE The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It has been an anchoring point for us since moving from the UK to Indianapolis in 2009. An amazing place of discovery we can enjoy together though rain and shine, for one hour, or a full day, and a guaranteed adventure for every person that comes to visit us! We have made so many friends here, which is very important when you are the new guys. Our photo albums on facebook are filled with so many pictures of the fun we have at the museum that we are always being asked if we actually live down there. We wish!

Our most special memory has to be the visit for our daughters third birthday when she got to meet Dora and Diego!! Words cannot describe her excitement that day; she still talks about it today, such a wonderful lasting memory for us all.

Name: Seonad Hallam

The Power of Children

My children and I visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis as often as we can.

The exhibit that stood out to them the most was the "Power of Children." It gave me an opportunity to discuss with them how evil racism and prejudice is. They also had never heard of Ryan White or Ruby Bridges. They had heard of Anne Frank, but really learned of her ordeal after we watched the play at the museum.

This exhibit allowed us to discuss that bigotry should never be tolerated and we also learned that children can be major leaders of change. I hope to see more in this series.

Name: Robbin Sally

Digging for more to explore?

ExplorerWhat’s that? Check this out. The Amos’s have been exploring together for a while. I am a fossil hunter and have taken my daughter on lots of real fossil digs in Kansas and Michigan. When the eyes go wide and the questions fly. That is when you know that this is an experience. That is what the Children's Museum of Indianapolis is all about.

When we moved back to Indianapolis, one of the first things we did was go to The Children’s Museum. We had not been there for almost eight years. Remember Cine dome? I have a picture of her playing on the water table when she was only about 10 months old. We loved the info zone. We would get books weekly and loved the atmosphere.

Now fast forward several years. We were blown away by the dinosaur exhibits. She liked the little fossil dig but it brought back memories of our digs. I have shown her fossils from my friends but it is different when it is in a museum. You have access to fossils I can only dream about. The size and scope of the collections are really impressive. One of the best things we saw was the Dino Lab. Sadly, on our fossil digs we used chain saws to move the earth. We were dirty and covered in mud. It was a stark contrast to the lab. We noticed that on that day, all the workers in there were woman. She was trying to figure out why they were using such fine instruments since we were so rough on our digs. That made a big impression on my daughter.

Science is not about just facts and numbers. Science is about wonder. Science is about asking the questions and finding out why. If schools cannot foster the correct atmosphere, it is up to parents to bring that to their kids. It is really hard to bring so many different experiences to kids. Museums are the key to getting kids excited about the world around them and getting them to explore for more.

Name: Kimberly Amos

The Indy Childrens Museum

I have not been to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum in a while but we are planning a visit again soon. My oldest son and I used to go quite often and he would always ask when we could go again ! We bring our family and friends so they can enjoy all the different adventures on each floor with us. It is a wonderful and exciting adventurous Day trip for us since we live in Huntington, Indiana. We always visit the gift shop and leave with a little something and lots of pictures to share. It brings us together as a family and we look forward to our next trip to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum !

Name: Toni Ritter

Mommy and Daddy can we go to the Children's Museum TODAY!?!?

ExplorerHello! We are the Kincheloe's and one of our favorite things to do as a family is exploring at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis!! We moved to Indianapolis from Denver, CO September 2010 and as soon as we arrived we were on a mission to find an amazing place for our 4 year old to attend preschool. I came across an add for the program at the Children's Museum and immediately called to inquire about what sounded like an amazing opportunity. We enrolled our son Gavin and that was just the beginning of many great adventures for our family.

When I was in 6th grade I traveled with my school from Kentucky for a weekend in Indianapolis. The only major memory that I can recall from that weekend was the water clock at the Children's Museum. When we went for the first time as a family it was like I was a little kid again looking up at that amazing exibit. I was able to share an awesome childhood memory with my little explorer.

Our son Gavin gets up every morning and asks us "Can we go to the Children's Museum today!?!?" He was heartbroken when preschool ended in April. Throughout his semester there, we as a family learned so much about what excites us. My husband Bruce is an Art lover so to walk in to the Children's Museum and see amazing Chihuly glass work makes his experience unlike any other. My highlight of this past year was the Amazing Costume exhibit. My favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz and seeing the Wicked Witch of the West's hat that she wore in the movie was amazing for me. Another favorite of mine is the Ryan White story. I stood there and cried at what an awesome job the Children's Museum of Indianapolis is doing to educate our children about such real and relavant subjects to us all. Above it all Bruce and I love to see our little man Gavin, explore and embrace his love of Science and learning. Science works is an exhibit that is a favorite for Gavin and we just love to sit back and watch how he interacts. You can just see the wheels turning in his head. Another favorite for Gavin is the Dinoshere. He loves to dig for Dino bones and talk to the Paleontologist about what it was like to discover such amazing fossils.

We are so excited about the opportunity to be involved in another great day at the museum. This will give us the opportunity to make even more great family memories!!

Bruce, Leah and Gavin
The Kincheloe's

Name: Leah Kinchelone

Lehman 5 Adventures

Our family does not get to come to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis as much as we would love to. But, when we do plan a trip, it is well in advance and the kids are sooo excited and keep asking when the day is we get to come. It is about family time and a sense of anticipation as to what we will see or learn about during our visit. We always leave with some new and interesting facts to talk about on the way home. I told the kids about the possible scavenger hunt and they are already planning who will be in charge of the clues, who the leader will be, secret code words for our family and a team name. I told them we have not even been picked yet, but they said we can have a scavenger hunt in our own backyard instead.

Name: April Lehman

The Animals!

I am a mother of 2, and all of my life I have loved to travel. My grandad used to take me on trips with him and we would always visit unique places! We visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis about once a year, but we love to explore. We learned many new things every time we go. We spend the whole day and still feel like it wasnt enough time!! I have to say our most memorable time was when my 10 year old step-son dressed up at the barbie runway, and all of the little girls were picking so many outfits out for him to wear!!! I love for my children to explore, see new things, learn different things. To me life is short we must live it to the fullest. I feel that if my kids dont explore and see, and learn new things then they wont have an open view on life! It teaches them not to forget about our history, creaters, and imagination! My grandad has always wanted to go to washington dc, and let me tell ya growing up with him my children and I have grown up with history and know politics and what better place could you learn so much from about our history? In a ways I guess I am saying I would love to get to take the chance to take my family to washington dc! And in a way to pay our grandad back for all of the times he took us places to explore and learn!!

Name: Tabatha Nicholson

Our Discovery

Last year we received a membership as a gift. We came to the museum expecting a good time. It started when we turned the corner and dinosaurs were coming out of the building! My girls were so excited. We entered and started learning stuff before we had even made it to the desk. We searched through the whole museum for tidbits we didn't know. There were dinosaurs, trains, submarines, and Yoda. There were carousels, science experiments, and tunnels. We meet Egyptians, Barbies, and storytellers. We laughed, we learned, we touched everything in the building but our biggest discoveries were our kids. We would have never guessed that our 2 year old would love dinosaurs. We had no idea that our 4 year old would love seeing games we played as children. Our good time at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis turned into a learning experience that we could never imagine and would never trade for a million dollars.

Name: Erin Hanson


My name is Lindsey Taylor. I have 3 children. I grew up in Indiana and have visited the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis since I was a small child. I have pictures of myself as a child riding the carosel. When I had my first child we became members of the museum. We went every week for a long time. He loved it. The playscape was our home away from home. As I had more children our visits became a little less frequent but still regular.I have watched my children play in the sand, stare into mirrors, admire doll houses, pretend to be racecar drivers, and go sledding indoors. I laughed when my son got stuck in the science works cave. I was scared when I lost my other son in the dinosaurs. I cried when they listened and was sad over the Ryan white story--a story that was close to my heart since my older sister was in his class at northview. We have spent hours watching trains go in circles. I was broken hearted when the pioneer exhibit closed because I remember my mom talking to me about the indians when I was little. My husband and our boys spent hours at the batman car and my little girl and I shared precious time with the barbies.

The indianpolos childrens museum is a part of my family. One Saturday we were driving home to columbus from a day at the museum. My Boys were 3 and 5. They were talking about all the different types of people (indians, superheros, scientists) my husband looks at me and says "play along" in a whisper. He says to my boys "you know I have a secret and if I tell you you can't tell anyone." The boys stare at their dad with huge eyes and say ok.. my husband goes on to say "your mom and I used to be pirates." They were hilariously amazed. We went on with his elaborate story of our ship and our parrot and the islands we went to. But of course we never harmed anyone. We only stole coockies and brownies but we finally decided to give up our life of crime because we wanted a family. My children still believe this story. We often hear them whispering to their friends that there parents are pirates.

My family is very close and we spend all the time we can together. We would love the opportunity to scavenger hunt together. We are super competitive and love participating in things like this. Please choose the Taylor pirates!

Name: Lindsey taylor

Fry Adventures at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

We try to visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis at least once a month. We have two children and they both love their time at the museum. My son is 5 and loves digging for dinosaur bones. Each visit he learns something new about dinosaurs. My daughter is 8, and will be in the third grade during the next school year. Her favorite adventure in the museum in the science works.

One of the best attributes of the Children's Museum is that every visit, no matter how often we visit, is a new adventure. We love to catch the plays in the basement. We always look through the program to find out play times and plan our trip throughout the museum so that we can watch the play. We always learn something we did not know with each visit to the museum.

In the most recent visit, my daughter and I spent a lot of time in the Ryan White exhibit. It gave us an opportunity to talk about how we treat others, and how we should treat others. She was able to share stories with me about times she has felt bullied at school, and we worked on developing tools on how to handle situations of bullying while at school. She was able to talk about Ryan's experiences at school and how he was treated when the community found out he was diagnosed with AIDS and how she would feel if she were to be treated in that manner, or how others would feel if she treated them in such a manner.

ExplorersFor my 5 year old, all things are a new adventure and each area gives him the opportunity to learn something new. The best part about it all is that it is so fun, he doesn't even know he is learning. We have been going to the museum from the time my children were infants. We have moved from exploring sand and water in play scapes to rock wall climbing in Science Works.

While I treasure every moment at the Children's Museum with my children, my most memorable moment at the Children's Museum is from my own childhood. When I was in the third grade, my Mother was the Brownie leader for our Girl Scout troop. We all made pink tie dye shirts during a meeting, then she took us to the museum, the only thing was we all had to wear the shirts we had made. It was her way of keep track of all of us girls. I had not been to the museum before that visit and I remember being in complete awe of all of the wonderful exhibits that we explored. I treasure the picture of me and my Mother along with the other girls all in our pink tie dyed shirts gathered around the Indy car, and now have pictures of my husband, children and myself seated around the same car. Memories that can last a lifetime.

Name: Renea Fry

The Pirates from Australia

As an expatriate from Australia, when I moved to Indianapolis with my young family one of the first things I was told to do was visit the Children's Museum.

We've been members on and off over the years -- we've celebrated birthdays, company events, Christmas and MLK Jr Day in the company of Museum employees.

It's impossible to pick just one memory of all, but one of the most treasured moments I have was in 2001 when my daughter took her first steps in PlayScape. She saw her sister race away to play with the water and stood on her two feet for a LONG time, and finally she took her very first steps.

I screamed -- scared a few guests -- but it was a moment I'll never forget.

From that first moment of exploration of that child, to exploring this country that we now call home, we'd love to be included in the scavenger hunt.

Name: Elizabeth Cave

Fantastic Memories

My husband and I visited The Children's Museum of Indianapolis as a couple before we had children. We both had fantastic memories of our time there with our parents as children. I loved the miniature houses and developed a doll house collection of my own. My husband still wonders at the water clock and it is always a pleasure to be there right before 1 pm to watch it empty for the next hours of the day.

As parents, we attended a baby shower hosted by the museum. In fact, we hadn't told anyone we were expecting yet so it was our first official "parenting" activity. We loved that our children would have the opportunity to visit often and that it would be a part of their culture growing up.

Now my oldest son is three. He loves the trains and the dinosaur exhibit. I love that he has grown from the baby area of playscape into the sand and water table area, the "construction zone" and that he isn't too big of a boy to give Mr. Bear a high five on his way in.

My youngest son is one and he loves to get down and crawl so the Playscape as well as the dino nests are a favorite for him.

On a recent visit, we heard that the Storytelling Avenue would be closing. We wanted to make sure that we saw it as it was often overlooked by our family We love that the Children's Museum gives our children the opportunity to explore other cultures through the Egypt exhibit, and even the Ruby Bridges and Ryan White exhibits.

Because of the Museum's special exhibits, my boys have been able to meet some of their heroes like Batman, Bob the Builder, and Dora the Explorer. We recognize that this kind of experience isn't available to kids everywhere and we feel fortunate to have the Museum near our home.

Name: Katie Dixon

Building confidence

My family visits The Children's Museum of Indianapolis roughly twice a month. It is during these visits that our son has learned:
Cause and effect (via sand play, waterways, the cool balls in Science Works).
Bravery (moving from the bench to a jumper on the Carousel!).
Collecting trains can be cool!
Darth Vader is not scary when you look at the costume.
and finally, socialization - wait your turn, share, give the little, little kids a chance too.
The best part about all of this is that it is not learning to him, the Indianapolis Children's Museum just provides scads of fun!

Name: Team AIkman