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Kids Birthday Party Indianapolis

Miracle on Baby Ave

Museum FanThe first time my husband I visited the Children's Museum of Indianapolis during Christmas time was when my company had a Christmas party. Many people brought there children who did ride down the slide. At this time we did not have any children. That was back in 2008. When we were expecting twins in 2009 we were so excited to have them participate in the Christmas activities at the Children's Museum. I am from New Jersey and have never been to the Children's Museum before 2008. However, my husband grew up in Indiana and was able to enjoy all the Children's Museum had to offer. In late 2009 we lost one of our twins. When our miracle baby was born in 2010 she spent a great deal of time in the nicu. That Christmas we were very excited to bring her to the Children's Museum but she was not well enough. Nearing her second birthday we are excited to bring her to the Children's Museum to see her ride down the slide! She loves everything the museum has to offer and is fearless! Our miracle baby brings such joy to our eyes and we are so thankful for the Children's Museum and what you offer for the kids! Even the holiday events/displays/programs are so educational and developmently stimulating that we feel confident our daughter is not only having fun but learning too!

Name: Lorel Smith

Holiday Wonder

The first time our daughter Nadia visited The Children's Museum of Indianapolis for the holidays was about a month after her 1st birthday. We came on New Years Eve and the place was completely decked out in beautiful bright holiday decorations and lots of happy smiling guests and workers. She was so excited to get her own party hat and was fascinated by the giant inflatable snow globe and watching all of the kids and parents go down the Yule Slide.

Even at only 13 months old she decided she needed to try out the Yule Slide on Daddy's lap. They patiently waited their turn while I stood below hoping to snap a picture or two. When the time came to slide she was a bit anxious but as soon as they started to pick up speed on their descent a huge smile spread across her face. She decided it wasn't so bad after all, especially if Dada could go with her!

As members (thanks for the wonderful Christmas gift Mom & Dad!) we have been to The Children's Museum countless times since then. We return home from each visit with lots of fond memories of time spent as a family playing and learning together.

Name: Esther Fancher

Good Times

Children's Museum FanThe Harper- McPike family would love to be picked for a scavenger hunt! We consist of 6 members. Mom (step Mom), Dad (step Dad), 3 boys and one girl! The kids ages are 14, 11, and two 9 year olds! We love to go to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis during the summer months (when it's too hot to play outside), during the winter (when it's too cold outside) and during the holidays. We've enjoyed going to the haunted house and sliding down the Yule slide! We recently learned about glow sticks and tonic water that glows through one of your classes in the science area. We used this at our haunted house party at home! We would love the opportunity to educate our kids and have fun doing it. We'll have plenty of practice becasue the 14 year old is having a scavenger hunt for his birthday this weekend! We sure hope we are picked! This family LOVES to be creative and inventive! And the Children's Museum is the PERFECT spot to do just that!

Name: Jennifer Harper

Ari's All in One!

Children's Museum FanOur third child, Ariana, was born on New Year's Eve, and for the past 4 years (she's 8 now), she has chosen (on her own!) to include The Children's Museum of Indianapolis in her party planning! With a birthday on a very special day, Ari loves to invite her girlfriends to the biggest "kid" holiday/birthday party we can find. Last year, the Noon Year's Eve Party was a blast, and Ari's crew was all decked out in hats, beads and more! They spent hours laughing and racing through exhibits. Barbie was a big hit! The Children's Museum is the best holiday "all in one" for Ari and makes her birthday very special!

Name: Camille Wiggins

Our Summer Fun List

ExplorerHi! We are the Thomas Family! Starring Dad- Justin, Mom-Rebekah and our three young stars, Emily who is 10, Ethan who is 4 and Eli who is 2!!! Our family is always full of fun and adventure. As parents, we try to promote our children's love for learning and personal development by striving to live by our family motto, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" This exact motto and idea is what has helped to create a local non-profit organization called Project Birthday Lafayette. Project Birthday was started by a simple idea from our daughter Emily who wished that no child would have to go without a Birthday gift or celebration. As a family, we created Project Birthday which collects donations from around the community and host birthday parties and provide gifts to children at local homeless shelters and other social agencies. Our children have learned to be creative and know that every idea they have is possible and can be used to create something wonderful. No idea is off limits in our home which is why we have created elaborate homemade Halloween costumes such as fire trucks, trains and helicopters out of cardboard boxes. We also make homemade Valentine's treats with candy made into race cars, iPods, cell phones and trains.

We are always exploring, learning and using our imagination to create special family memories. Every season we sit down with our kids and make a Family Fun To Do List. We just completed our Summer Fun list and The Children's Museum of Indianapolis was top of the list once again!!! We love the Children's Museum because it offers fun activities to keep all of my children happy, no matter what season it is. We try to visit the Children’s Museum once a month. When we visit we allow the kids to decide where to go and what to see, and we just do our best to keep up with them! It really is one of their favorite places to go and has helped to create a desire to learn more about science, history, art and much more. But, I have to say the number one thing I LOVE about the Children's Museum is that it offers a fun and safe place for my family to spend time together, and create many family memories that we will cherish for years to come.

Name: Rebekah Thomas

Our Favorite Place on Earth

There are many reasons why we call The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis “Our Favorite Place on Earth”. Every Special Exhibit seems to have aligned perfectly with what our children were interested in at that time in their lives. Even the mainstays, such as the Carousel and Dinosphere remain interesting visit after visit.

When our boy-girl twins arrived to start our family in 2005, we began driving from our home in Clayton, IN to splash and play at Playscape once a month. When they had fallen in love with Sesame Street, the Children’s Musuem opened the “Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?” exhibit. The “Bob the Builder- Project Build It” was open at the same time and resulted in a Bob the Builder themed birthday party that year.

We relocated to southwestern Indiana in 2007, about a 2 hours drive away from the Children’s Museum. My parent’s (Nana and Pappy) became members of the museum at that time so we could begin to visit the museum together when we came into town. We were only able to visit every 2-3 months, but we always made a point to search the website for upcoming exhibits to plan our visits.

At age 2 and into the preschool years, the twins loved everything on PBS, so we brought along some friends to enjoy the “Adventures with Clifford the Big Red Dog” exhibit and were able to meet Curious George face-to-face.

When they turned 4, their interests began to become a little more gender-specific. The Children’s Museum answered perfectly, opening exhibits for LEGO Castle Adventures, and “Comic Book Heroes”, where my son was able see his new favorite mode-of-transportation; the Batmobile. For my daughter, we had to visit “Barbie The Fashion Experience” shortly after opening so she could marvel at all of the dolls and bask in being surrounded by her favorite color; pink.

In 2009, we welcomed one more addition to our family – a baby girl. Naturally, she began accompanying us on our museum trips, just in time for the museum to bring back the “Bob The Builder – Project Build It Exhibit”. It was surreal to watch as my now “big kids” showed their new sister around a similar exhibit in which they had just discovered themselves a few short years ago.

Shortly after turning 1 year old, our new daughter discovered Dora the Explorer. Her vocabulary began to consist of Dora characters like Dora, Boots, Map and Backpack. Her room and toy box began to become populated with Dora books and toys. To my amazement, the Children’s Museum answered again, opening “Dora & Diego Let’s Explore”. This time we made the trip for opening weekend. I’ll always remember the walk across the new walkway from the parking garage to the museum. At every posted sign with a Dora character, she would point and say “Dor-da” (her pronunciation of Dora). As we walked into the museum and she saw the huge Dora banner, signs and employee buttons, her smile began to spread as big as I have ever seen it. Her eyes truly sparkled as she looked around in wonder. Walking through the exhibit with our friends again, it was Heaven on Earth for this Dora-loving little girl.

ExplorersWith all of the memories we have built visiting the Special Exhibits, it still does not compare to the impact that Dinosphere has had on my son. He was 2 years old when we first visited the exhibit and was immediately hooked. Thus began his quest for knowledge about all things DINOSAUR. We began reading books about dinosaurs, watching BBC videos about “Prehistoric Planet” and every wrapped holiday and birthday gift since has contained a different dinosaur toy. It was always fascinating to friends and family that he could identify and pronounce the different dinosaur names and recite facts about them at such a young age. And after reading every dinosaur book at the local library (often more than once), the local librarian began holding new books with any dinosaur content aside for him to check-out on our weekly visit. At the beginning of kindergarten, the local paper asked each student what they wanted to be when they grew up. As most children answered that they wished to be a policeman or coal miner, my son replied as he has since asked initially at age 3: “I want to be a Paleontologist.”

Now 5 memberships later, we have been able to experience lots of what the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has to offer. We are thrilled to catch an occasional show at the Planetarium or Lilly Theatre, but we have settled into somewhat of a routine: Special Exhibit first, followed by the Carousel, the food court for lunch and saving our favorite for last, Dinosphere. We have to wait until we hear the “rain” and the children love to quickly find cover in the caves.

I heard a line in a movie recently referring to parenthood that stated, “you will never get used to Children’s Museums”. Although I can appreciate the humor, I couldn’t disagree more. Some of my favorite times have been watching my children explore and discover new things at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. We love to continue the learning long after our visit. A lot of times, this results in mom and dad learning something new as well. For the simple fact that my children opt to visit the Children’s Museum over any other choice of zoo, playground or amusement park, it truly is “Our Favorite Place on Earth”.

Name: Jamie Dugan

It's Kinda Fuzzy, I Remember....

This is not one of those wonderfully normal museum memories. I have lots of those, lots of great learning experiences from when I was younger and from taking my children there, but this isn't one of them. Well, I did learn one thing: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is even funner after the adults fall asleep!

My family has lived in Indy most my life and the museum has always been a special treat that was so easily accessible I ended up going many times on school trips. I remember the movie screen being so big that the video we saw there where we were "sitting" in the pilot's seat of a plane as it flew over the rain forest made me wish those comfy seat had belts because I thought I would fall when the plane turned sideways. I had to remind myself that it was only a theater.

That isn't my most memberable story though. I remember my whole family going for birthday parties, it was so wonderful seeing all of my nieces' and nephews' eyes light up with all the different exhibits. I went 7 years ago to the museum on one of the mommy days/ baby shower (I was 6 months pregnant with my first baby), I got to do prenatal yoga for the first time. My sister (who was also pregnant with her first) and I so enjoyed all of the activities and especially the cake! I have been so much and remember so much from each time: Dia de los Ninos, playscape, my son's first carousel ride.

The greatest memory I have though, was from when I was young, it was my first visit to what would become a staple getaway in my family. The Children's Museum may have exhibits that change and it always has great new experiences to offer, but there is always a first impression. This was nearly 20 years ago and I was in kindergarten. My school had those events and field trips for kids and their dads afterschool and the first trip I can remember is also my first trip to the museum. I remember the bus ride and the adults unpacking all our things. This wasn't a short trip. We were going to stay the night! I remember walking in the doors and seeing the huge clock, that is still the first thing we see when we walk in today, it reminds me of my first visit everytime. We strolled around with the other families, ate our dinners in the cafeteria, and got in our sleeping bags. All us kids got up in the middle of the night and explored the museum. Now I understand that we weren't suppose to, but come on, we were mesmerized by all the wonderful things to see and do. You boring adults may have been able to sleep in such a great place, but to us it was like Christmas! (Editor's Note: The museum no longer hosts overnights)

I am taking my children to the new Treasures of the Earth exhibit, we've been studying the stories of the warriors, the pharoh, and the pirate. It will be my youngests explorer's first visit and I can't wait!

Name: Karrie Harlan