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The Wikipedians are coming!

By Liam Wyatt, Wikipedian-in-Residence, the British Museum

How often does your family use Wikipedia?  Many use the online encyclopedia every day! But do you know that there are 100,000 active volunteers from all around the world that edit  Wikipedia articles?  These people call themselves Wikipedians... and you can be a Wikipedian too! Anyone can edit Wikipedia, whether it’s fixing a spelling mistake or adding a new fact.

Children's Museum Wikipedian-in-residence with Liam.

This year the Children’s Museum is hosting the second-ever Wikipedian-in-Residence, Lori Phillips. Lori is a museum studies graduate student at IUPUI who is helping the Children’s Museum find and organize the museum’s research and images so that they can be donated to Wikipedia and shared with children and families around the world. Wikipedians will then update articles on many topics you’re interested in, such as dinosaurs, space, and archaeology.

I spend my time traveling to museums around the world to help them learn how to collaborate with Wikipedia. I’m here in Indianapolis because the Children’s Museum is one of the museums most enthusiastic about building a relationship with Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is excited to work alongside the largest children’s museum in the world in order to share their collections and educational content with families on a global scale.

On Friday, November 5 the Children’s Museum hosted a Backstage Pass event for Wikipedians from all over the state to visit the museum’s vast collections and share ideas about how we can all work together. This was the kick off for the museum’s collaboration with the Wikipedia community.


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