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Biotech Lab

Biotech Lab

Changing the World with Plants

Biotech Lab

Prepare to be fascinated! Explore the history and science behind biotechnology—the process by which humans use living things as tools to create new products. Discover how plant science can impact the world by better cleaning up oil spills, cultivating nutritious fruits and vegetables, and so much more.

  • Explore plant hybridization.
  • View plant cells through the microscope.
  • Extract DNA from fruit.

Located on Level 4 in ScienceWorks.

Become a Scientist!

Get to work in our 1,500-square foot lab. Students and families alike can take part in hands-on activities and demonstrations all year long. Programs include:

  • Jiggle Jelly—make a chemical polymer you can play with in the lab.
  • Renew and Recycle—learn about recycling and create biodegradable plastic toys from corn.
  • Green Thumbs—grow a garden in a glove using seeds.

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