LEGO® Travel Adventure

LEGO Travel Adventure

This exhibit is currently touring! See the schedule below for its current location.

About the Exhibit

We can go anywhere—over land, sea, and air—when we create extraordinary vehicles to take us where we want to go! To go on a travel adventure to exotic locations, you’ll need to think creatively, plan and build vehicles to move through all kinds of terrain, including mountains, oceans, jungles, and deserts, to name a few!

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What Will You Build?

  • DUPLO® Bricks Build/Play Area (Designed for families with younger children ages 2–5): Start building their DUPLO® dream machine using DUPLO® bricks and vehicle parts. Once your vehicle is ready, test-drive the creations on a play table, or send it on an adventure over different graphic terrains. Plus, take a photo in the racecar built of DUPLO® bricks.
  • LEGO® Systems Build/Play Area (Designed for families with children ages 6 and up): Pick a build table and dig through bins of parts for creative building. Labels suggest particular travel challenges that builders might encounter, like “Could your vehicle… sail across a lagoon?" Plus, take a digital photo of your vehicle, drop in an exotic backdrop, and email your unique creation home or to a friend.

Where Will You Go?

Suit up and hit the road! Dressed as pilots, sailors, racers, or world explorers, take the wheel of the life-sized LEGO® Travel Adventure Vehicle, engage in large-motor play, and imagine traveling all the way around the world over multiple terrains.

How Will You Get There?

  • View cases showing a variety of LEGO® brick vehicles on real travel backdrops, including the San Francisco Bay Bridge and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
  • Check out dioramas of four key moments in transportation history, including the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk and Henry Ford’s automobile factory and Model T.
  • Play the “Travel Adventure Challenge” vehicle-building computer game, making creative choices to build a vehicle that can conquer multiple obstacles to get to a destination.

Tour Schedule

Feb. 1–May 6, 2014
Science World, Vancouver, BC

May 24–Sept. 7, 2014
Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland, OH

Fall 2014
Wildlife Experience, Parker, CO

Oct. 1, 2016-Jan. 16, 2017
Discovery Cube, Santa Ana, CA

May 23–Sept. 13, 2015
Omaha Children’s Museum, Omaha, NE

Sept. 26, 2015–May 8, 2016
COSI, Columbus, OH

May 21–Sept. 11, 2016
Kalamazoo Valley Museum, Kalamazoo, MI

Fall 2016
Discovery Science Center of Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 4–Sept. 17, 2017
Planetario Alfa, Nuevo Leon


Target audience: Families with children ages 6–12 years old, but there are activities for all ages included in the exhibit.
Space required: 3,500–5,000 square feet
Minimum ceiling height: 9 feet
Rental fee includes:

  • Installation Manual
  • Operations Manual
  • Marketing Materials & Artwork
  • Press Materials

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Sarah Myers
Traveling Exhibits Project Manager
Phone: 317-334-4107

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