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The Power of Children Symposium 2020: Equipping Youth for Service and Social Action

When: Saturday, November 14, 1-5 p.m. EST (12-4 p.m. CST; 11 a.m.-3 p.m. MST; 10 a.m.-2 p.m. PST)
Where: Online through Zoom
Audience: Youth in grades 8-12

Symposium 2020 is a skill-building, interactive event for young people in grades 8-12 from across the country who care about service and social action. The sessions are designed to empower youth and build their understanding and vital skills to address issues they care about.

Symposium Schedule

1–1:40 p.m.
General Session

All Participants
Promoting Equity Through Access Panel moderated by Luana Nissan featuring Power of Children Awardees Katherine Adams, Jahkil Jackson, Viraj Jayam and Jahin Rahman

1:40–1:45 p.m. Instructions: How to Participate in Tracks & Tech Contact Info

 For youth emerging in service

For youth established in service

1:50–2:25 p.m.
Session 1

with Molly Grimm & Madison Hanna

Recruiting Volunteers Locally, Nationally & Globally
with Abhi Desai, Josh Estes & Jahin Rahman

2:30–3:05 p.m.
Session 2

Finding Your “Why”: Identifying What Gives You Purpose
with Abhi Desai, Luana Nissan & Samyak Shrimali

Understanding & Engaging Donors
with Molly Grimm & Katherine Adams

3:25–4:00 p.m.
Session 3

Service Project Planning 101
with Jill Gordon & Josh Estes

Marketing on Message:
Strategies to Build Your Brand

with Jenny Holland & Benjamin Olshin

4:05–4:40 p.m.
Session 4

Recruiting Volunteers 101
with Ashlyn Devine, Benjamin Olshin & Tim Scully

Failing Forward: Success Through Revision & Reimagining
with Viraj Jayam, Luana Nissan & Samyak Shrimali

Wrap-up Session

All Participants
How Young People Can Support Social Change by Derrick Feldmann
Reflections & Next Actions with Josh Estes

Two Tracks for Different Levels of Experience

“Get Started!” track   Emerging or aspiring service leaders—build your understanding, skills, action plan and tools to begin service and social action initiatives to address issues that you care about.

“Advance Your Passion!” track Established service leaders—like program creators, activist organizers and nonprofit founders—build your skills, strategies to overcome challenges and tools to advance your cause or organization.

Getting Started!” Sessions

“Philanthro-What?” with Molly Grimm & Madison Hanna
Join these students from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy for an introduction to the concept and definitions of philanthropy and the different ways people engage in “doing good” for others and the world. Explore how you can be the change you wish to see in your own communities.

“Finding Your ‘Why:’ Identifying What Gives You Purpose” with Abhi Desai, Luana Nissan & Samyak Shrimali Whether you are trying to figure out what type of service activities interest you, what college programs/majors to explore, or a deeper meaning in your life, identifying your WHY or purpose is key to finding a direction in life. Join us to learn about some tools, key questions to work through, and examples of purpose-driven youth.

“Service Project Planning 101” with Jill Gordon & Josh Estes
Wondering how to turn your interest in making a difference into an organized and successful service project? Learn the steps of planning effective service projects from service field and volunteer experts and work with other youth to try out these steps!

“Recruiting Volunteers 101” with Ashlyn Devine, Benjamin Olshin & Tim Scully
Are you just starting out as a service leader and thinking about recruiting others to join your cause or project? Join these expert recruiters of volunteers and interns for a conversation about strategies and tips that can work for you!

Advance Your Passion!” Sessions

“Recruiting Volunteers Locally, Nationally & Globally” with Abhi Desai, Josh Estes & Jahin Rahman
Are you looking for effective ways to identify and recruit volunteers beyond your friends and school to grow your program or nonprofit? Learn the Strategies for Recruiting & Engaging Volunteers (Local and Non-local) from the Director of Volunteer Services at a large nonprofit organization and two youth service leaders who are effective recruiters of volunteers across the country and world.

“Understanding & Engaging Donors” with Molly Grimm & Katherine Adams
In your fundraising, do you understand how to connect to potential donors? Join a Lilly Family School of Philanthropy student to learn what fundraising research tells us about what motivates donors. Learn from a young nonprofit co-founder how to craft an elevator pitch (the first step in connecting with a donor) and how to build deeper donor relationships. Then, craft a pitch!

“Marketing on Message: Strategies to Build Your Brand” with Jenny Holland & Benjamin Olshin
Do you have a project or program that you want to market to those you serve and potential volunteers and donors? Do you understand basic marketing tools and approaches? Join a digital marketing director and a successful program founder as they share “A Guide for Marketing Basics” including how to establish your brand, identify your audiences and use key marketing tools.

“Failing Forward: Success through Revision & Reimagining” with Viraj Jayam, Luana Nissan & Samyak Shrimali
Are you ever frustrated by failures or challenges in your service or innovation work? Failing forward means that you meet failure with a learner’s mindset and a process that will lead you to overcome challenges and thrive. Join an inventor, a maker and an educator to explore failing forward and to share your own stories of overcoming challenges.

Information about General Sessions

In “Promoting Equity through Access” (our panel conversation), middle and high school students who are recipients of the Power of Children Awards (POCA) will share insights and advice about their causes and work to provide education and basic resources across the world; moderated by POCA Program Manager Luana Nissan.

In our Symposium closing, participants will hear from cause engagement researcher and author Derrick Feldmann, as he shares three recommendations for how “Young People Can Support Social Change.” Derrick is Managing Director of Influence|SG and Ad Council Edge and author of the new book, The Corporate Social Mind.