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Preschool Videos

Get a glimpse into a day at The Children’s Museum Preschool—where you will see students visiting a gallery in the museum before it’s open to the public, interacting with precious artifacts from collections, and participating in hands-on, project-based learning throughout the day.

If you want to know more, please contact Susan Michal, director of early childhood education, at smichal@childrensmuseum.org or 317-334-4119.

EASE In Time

Our day begins with what we call EASE In time. EASE stands for “Enter and See Everyone”—it’s important for the students to have that unstructured time at the beginning of the day to visit with friends. The teacher also spends a few minutes greeting each student individually which conveys the message, “I am really glad you are here.”

Exhibit Exploration and Community Circle

The teachers plan lessons to include an exhibit visit each day, where students get exclusive access and interact with museum staff. On this visit, they role-played as underwater archaeologists and actually talked with an archaeology expert in the Treasures Lab. Meanwhile, back in the classroom, the other half of the students participates in community circle with the Instructional Assistant. Then, they switch!


Centers are a time when the students are in small groups participating in hands-on activities related to math, science, art, literacy and sensory skills. Often the centers are related to a project, which is an in-depth investigation of a topic that is important to the students.

The Playground

All children benefit from being outside in the fresh air where they can run, jump, and play freely. The Museum Preschool’s exclusive playground has a natural section where the students can plant seeds in the garden boxes.

Prekindergarten Literacy Activity

During Closing Community Circle, another story will be read, often coupling it with an additional activity which relates to the book.

Free Choice

Free Choice is where the students have access to everything in the classroom for purposeful play—where they build with blocks, paint at the easel, role-play in the dramatic play area, explore the materials, and socialize and interact with their friends.

Good Bye

Time to say “good bye”…students recap the day, sing a special song, and greet parents as they arrive for pick-up!

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