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Travel Adventure

This exhibit is currently touring! See the schedule below for its current location.

About the Exhibit

We can go anywhere—over land, sea, and air—when we create extraordinary vehicles to take us where we want to go! To go on a travel adventure to exotic locations, you’ll need to think creatively, plan and build vehicles to move through all kinds of terrain, including mountains, oceans, jungles, and deserts, to name a few!

Download the One-Sheet

What Will You Build?

Get creative! Build your own vehicle at one of three build tables, then test it at the terrain table by rolling it up and down the side of a volcano, across a sandy beach, or around ocean obstacles. Share your creation digitally, too! 

Where Will You Go?

Suit up and hit the road! Dressed as pilots, sailors, racers, or world explorers, take the wheel of the life-sized toy vehicle, engage in large-motor play, and imagine traveling all the way around the world over multiple terrains.

How Will You Get There?

To reach travel destinations around the world, families will need the perfect vehicle. This area of the exhibit showcases all the types of vehicles they might consider building, placing professionally built brick models against dynamic backdrops of real-life destination.

Tour Schedule

Date Location
2021 Available
2021 Available


Target audience: Families with children ages 6–12 years old, but there are activities for all ages included in the exhibit.
Space required: 3,500 square feet
Minimum ceiling height: 9 feet
Rental fee includes:

  • Installation Manual
  • Operations Manual
  • Marketing Materials & Artwork
  • Press Materials

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Traveling Exhibits Manager