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10 Creepy Makeup Techniques

Want to be a scaly monster, creepy clown, zany zombie, or spooky skeleton this Halloween? The Children’s Museum Guild Witches are here to help with some scary make-up tips! Use these 10 fun and simple creepy techniques and be the coolest monster trick-or-treating this Halloween. Show off you creative faces at The Children's Museum Guild's Annual Haunted House!

1. Blacken out your eyes using black makeup.  

2. Off center your mouth using black eyeliner and make up.  Simply draw an exaggerated mouth in any shape you desire with the black eyeliner and fill in with cream Halloween make-up from your local party store.

3. Create scales. Put fishnet stockings over your head, use a sponge and cream Halloween paint or make-up and dab over your face, carefully take off, it will look like scales on your face.

4. Create scars. Do you have glue and toilet paper? Put a little glue on your face, arms, neck, hands, etc.  and use toilet paper to make Scars, or zombie skin. Cover with whichever color of paint you prefer.  You can add “blood” in the deeper parts to enhance the look.

5. Darken sunken areas of your face using black make-up,  including under the cheek bones, eyes and around the nose.

The Children's Museum Guild witch applying make-up at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

6. Use fake blood on your neck along with tip number 4 (above) if you want to make it look like your throat has been slit.

7. Make a bruise using dark blue and red cream make-up from your local party store. Take a sponge and dab in an area till it looks like a bruise then add a little green and yellow around the edges for an authentic look.

8. Scary clown. Paint big scary mouth larger than yours (using black on lips) and draw in scary black eyebrows, and draw around eyes.

9. Paint “extra” eyes all over your face or just in the center of your forehead.

10. Give yourself a zombie look by painting your face white and putting maroon cream make-up around your eyes.

For more spooky fun from our Guild Witches, join them at The Children's Museum Guild's Annual Haunted House!

This blog post is sponsored by Birge & Held.