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#AskACurator: Our Exhibit Developers Weigh In

National #AskACurator Day was Sept. 15, and it was our fourth year participating! We received a lot of inquiries, and in case you missed it, we’re compiling all of our answers here! Our exhibit developers, archivist, paleontologists, curators, and director of collections jumped in to get you answers about all things curatorial! 

Exhibit developers make it their job to strategically plan exhibits for maximum learning experiences and acquire the items that make it all possible. Our exhibit developers, Cathy Hamaker and Melissa Pederson, provided their two cents for #AskACurator Day... 

“Have you worked in other parts of the museum?”

I used to be an Interpreter—one of the folks who talk with visitors in the exhibits.  During that time, I got to run one of the museum’s largest artifacts—the carousel! -Melissa

“What Harry Potter house would you be in?”

Probably Gryffindor, but I have Hufflepuff leanings. -Melissa

I just recently got on Pottermore and took the quiz, and it was Gryffindor all the way. Very surprising. -Cathy

“What’s the best advice you were given when you started your career?”

Always stay curious.  Never stop challenging yourself.  If you feel comfortable in your job, it’s time to learn something new! -Melissa

Be ready to do anything/everything. All museum work is team-based, and the more you understand about all the other jobs involved, the better you’ll be at your own job. -Cathy

“Are there any hidden secrets in the museum?”

We have full size Terra Cotta Warrior replicas in Treasures of the Earth, but you can also find mini replicas hidden in Pirates and Princesses and ScienceWorks. -Melissa

“Who do you look to for inspiration outside of your field?”

Do fictional characters count?  If so, Leslie Knope played by Amy Poehler on Parks and Rec. I find that character’s positivity, determination, and energy inspiring. -Melissa 

“What’s the ugliest artifact you’ve seen at your museum?”

This hawaiian souvenir from 1950-1965... -Cathy

Don't miss the summary blogs with #AskACurator answers from our director of collections, archivist, paleontologists, and curators!

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