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Day 4 - Introducing Site C

HOORAY!!!  This morning brought sunny blue skies and a whole new dig site.  Huge props to Dallas, William and Steve for spending more than 10 hours the day before, pulling up stakes and relocating our digging grid to drier ground.  The families were excited (and relieved) as we drove out to Ruth Mason Quarry to begin our day.  Site C looked fantastic and ready for digging.  Within the first hour, a complete toe bone of an Edmontosaurus was exposed, mapped and extracted from the new site.  This was the largest toe bone yet to be found at the quarry!

Families continued to make interesting finds throughout the day.  Eliot celebrated his eighth birthday at the dig site and even managed to uncover a rib bone.  Even though he doesn't get to take his fossil home, the bone will return to the lab for cleaning and prepping and will forever have his name on it as the one who discovered it - What a great gift! 

Lunch at the ranch was excellent.  Burgers and hot dogs from the grill and lots of side salads and desserts to choose from.  As you can see, the popsicles  on this summer day were a hit with the kids!

The afternoon flew by quickly as we continued to uncover more bones.  No families left without having uncovered something and by the end of the day, they were already making plans to return next year!

Thanks again to all the families for the extraordinary day -

Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!