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G.I. Joe

When I was young, I can recall having several favorite toys, but at a younger age, one of my most favorite was my G.I. Joe. Summers I could be found with Joe and his Dune Buggy vehicle having adventures in the back yard. Digging through the dirt and mud, sneaking through the tall grass, and advancing on the enemies that usually only existed in the imagination of a child, Joe and I made a team that was inseperable. I was later given the gift of a Headquarters, where Joe would plan his missions and then execute them on the battlefield. Even on rainy days, I could bring out Joe and have fun rapelling down the bedsheets or low crawling under the beds.

Scott, Indianapolis

This story was submitted as part of the 100 Toys Project at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Vote for your favorite and share a toy memory through Aug. 17, 2012.

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