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The Parthenon in Take Me There Greece at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Greece at a Glance: The Parthenon

With the grand opening of Take Me There®: Greece finally here, we wanted to show how years of dedicated research and collaboration with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports have helped make this exhibit a reality. In this blog series, we’ll show you how we’ve used the research our staff has done abroad to create this snapshot of life in modern Greece. We’ll also give you a closer look at some of the unique experiences we have in store for you and your family!

The Parthenon

Once you’ve stepped off your Take Me There Airways “flight” and arrived in Greece, you’ll need some basic information to help you navigate. Fortunately, there’s a bus stop nearby where you can take a look at how the people of Athens navigate their bustling city.

Next, you’ll be able to experience one of the most famous ancient wonders Greece has to offer–the Acropolis, a high point above Athens that is the location of some of the world’s most famous ancient wonders. Snap a family photo in front of the iconic “Parthenon” before setting off into the modern streets of Greece. With such a breathtaking sight, it’s no wonder why millions of people travel to Greece every year to experience its rich history and vibrant culture.

Take a look at the video below to see how we were inspired by the real-life Parthenon.

Discover the Greek language by learning the alphabet and some common words and phrases at our video interactive. Learn the letters of the Greek alphabet and the ways it’s similar to the English alphabet. In fact, the word “alphabet” comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet–Alpha (A) and Beta (B)! Try spelling out your name with Greek letters. Once you have the alphabet down, play a vocabulary game and learn a few useful words and phrases in Greek, like “hello.”

To learn more and experience modern Greece for yourself, plan your visit to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Keep in mind, Take Me There®: Greece won’t be here forever –you never know where Take Me There Airways will go next!

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