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Mulan Jr.: 10 Fun Facts from Backstage

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"39151","attributes":{"class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","alt":"Mulan weaponry"}}]]What boy or girl isn't excited and inspired by the 2,000 year old Chinese legend of brave, smart, young Mulan? In this inspiring story, Mulan takes up arms and disguises herself as a boy to spare her father from having to serve in the army. Families have watched the 1998 Disney film over and over again. Now, for the first time at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Mulan Jr. brings the musical story to life on stage!

The choreography will have you thinking “Broadway” as nationally known, locally-based choreographer Kenny Shepard created the musical staging for six Broadway Junior shows, including Mulan Jr.. This adaptation has mesmerizing special effects, ranging from a rocket shooting off to a crashing avalanche. Check out all of these backstage fun facts:

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  1. This production incorporates Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu—all choreographed by Kenny Shepard.
  2. Theater manager Krista Layfield, in collaboration with the cast, choreographed three new fight scenes with stage combat weapons.
  3. Some of the cast and crew members trained in stage combat techniques.
  4. The stage weapons were made in Chicago specifically for this production.
  5. Mulan Jr. includes a spectacular rigged avalanche effect and a rocket/cannon effect.
  6. This production includes five new cast members who've never worked with us before, including the actress playing Mulan—Brooke Sheehy.
  7. Lilly Theater purchased nine new intelligent lighting instruments for lighting effects in this production.
  8. Some of the costumes came from Chinatown, or even as far away as China!
  9. Production designers used a new 3-D fabric material for the stone on the set.
  10. The cherry tree includes a real water effect.

Mulan Jr. is based on the 1998 Disney film Mulan and the story Fa Mulan by Robert D. San Souci. Music and lyrics by Matthew Wilder, David Zippel, Stephen Schwartz, Jeanine Tesori, and Alexa Junge. Music Adapted and arranged and additional music and lyrics by Bryan Louiselle. Book adapted and additional lyrics by Patricia Cotter.

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