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A Sneak Peek at the Haunted House Grim-nasium!

Curious what monsters might be lurking under the bleachers in the Grim-nasium Haunted House? It all kicks off Oct. 11—and lucky for you, the Head Witches have let us in on some secret details about each room to help you muster up the team spirit to tackle the Grim-nasium's beasts yourself.

Grab your $8 ticket, then lace up your best sneakers as you choose between Frightening Hours for those who dare to be scared, or AAA’s Lights-On Hours for those who scare easily. You can purchase tickets online or at the museum Box Office. Trust us, you won't want to be on the sidelines for this one!

Wicked Will Call

Get your tickets if you dare to be a part of a wicked snare! 
The Nightmares have been working out to take the Screamers in a bout. 
Join us only if you’re brave enough to take it to the grave!

Bone Appétit (Concessions)

No dual would be complete without, a roasted rat or broiled snout.
Come wet your whistle with a slushy. 
What is that? It’s wet and mushy. 

Monster (Tennis) Match

On to watch a Monster Match—you’d be remorseful to not catch!
The Yeti aces all her serves.
...But only if you have the nerves. 

Dead Weight(room)

Beasts and Zombies in the zone, when they train to crush your bones.
Watch out for their monster muscle—they are ready for a tussle!

House of Pain (Training Room)

Aches and pains can be mended.
The House of Pain, for those who’ve ended.
Cracking bones and grizzly gashes are what you'll find when monster gnashes. 

Boiler Room of Doom

Behind the scenes there is a room that holds the boiler filled with doom.
The monsters burn all of their trash...and opponents if they dash.

Rest in Pieces (Restroom)

Rest in Pieces is the place where you’ll find the monsters' waste.
See the cheerleader check her coif...or the flies, they won’t buzz off!

Haunted Hoops

The Grim-nasium wouldn’t be complete without some hoops where beasts compete.
Will it be a Screamers win? Or will the Nightmares make it grim?

Nasty-torium (Pool)

Take a dip or swim some laps, but don’t get caught in sea monster’s trap!
A pool with ghouls and full of muck? The Nastytorium will test your luck.

The Drum Corpse (Band)

The Drum Corpse keeps a wicked beat. They’ll rock the crowd and stomp their feet.
Watch out, there could be a crash! Or bang, or clang, or wild smash! 

Field of Screams 

"There is no crying in this game!" the Field of Screams will often claim.
But be aware beyond the bleachers... there could be some lurking creatures!

Locker Doom

What hides in the locker room? Ghosts and goblins likely loom.
Under benches, behind doors...they are sure to give you horrors.

Pom Pom Passage

Zig and sag you will go, all confused by poms poms a’glow.
Will you turn left or will you go right? Dare to leave without a fright.

Hall of Shame 

Amongst the awards of many years past, medals and trophies are laid to rest.
They lay beside mascots of old. Will they come alive? Remains untold.

Spirit Spiral

Round and round the Spirit Spiral swirls—dizzy become the boys and girls.
Many can’t handle the woozy ride... beware what lurks on the other side!

Friday Night Frights

“Look out ahead!” yell the coaches as the offensive line quickly approaches.
An oversized linebacker sits on the bench awaiting the spook, they hope to clench.


Hats, balls, bumper stickers, and more greet you at the SPOOKeniers’ door.
Shirts, posters, pennants galore...one final haunter shall scare you to the core!

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