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The Children's Museum's Top 10 Blogs in 2014

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"40290","attributes":{"class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","alt":"atTCM buttons"}}]]By Lori Phillips, Digital Content Coordinator
It's time again to share our Top 10 (maybe 15?) blogs from the past year! As the coordinator for The Children's Museum's social media and blog, I get to find out about all of the fantastically cool stuff our staff is up to—and then share it with you! That means that I talk to our paleontologists, curators, actors, educators, exhibit developers—even Children's Museum Guild witches—and work with them to write blog posts about it.
At the world's largest children's museum, there's no shortage of things to blog about! In 2014 we published 218 blogs—that's an average of over 4 blogs a week! Here are the top five blog posts from 2014, followed by the five posts on my "not to be missed" list... and maybe a few extra, too.

The Top 5 in 2014

  1. 10 Amazing Facts About the Terra Cotta Warriors May 1, 2014
    These 10 fun facts laid the foundation for a fantastic seven months hosting the incredible Terra Cotta Warriors.  
  2. Saturday Science: Growing Gummy Bears January 25, 2014
    Our weekly DIY science experiments have become a family favorite! 
  3. Why Does Cold Air Smell Different? February 3, 2014
    Our weekly series, "Never Stop Asking 'Why?'" is on its third year and going strong!
  4. Join Us For the Black Hat Bash: Creepy Carnival! September 23, 2014
    The 51st Annual Haunted House had such a fun theme this year, with the Peru Children's Circus joining us for the annual Black Hat Bash.
  5. Meet Dracorex Hogwartsia July 23, 2014
    This summer we shared blogs about all of the beloved dinosaurs in Dinosphere, and who was the most popular? Dracorex, of course! 

Not To Be Missed

  1. When Kids Throw a Dinosaur A Birthday Party...This Happens April 7, 2014
    Kids are the experts on birthdays, so we asked for their help celebrating Dinosphere's 10th birthday. See what happened...
  2. Pete and Ollie's Top 10 Tips for Lemonade Day April 23, 2014
    We partnered with Pete the Planner and his daughter, the brilliant Ollie of "Ollie Wisdom," to bring you tips for your lemonade stands.
  3. Take Me There: China—Top 10: Panda Research Center May 2014
    In May we shared a series of 10 blog posts detailing what you'll find in Take Me There: China, including photos of the original locations that inspired the recreations found in the exhibit. Start with the Panda Research Center and then catch up on the entire series!
  4. Three Lessons I Learned From an 11-Year-Old in China July 3, 2014
    The museum's Director of Digital Marketing traveled to China last year and was greatly impacted by Jacki, the young boy featured in Take Me There: China
  5. A Great American Museum Advocate: Spencer's Story February 25, 2014
    This year Spencer Hahn shared his incredible story with the American Alliance of Museums and the Institute for Museum and Library Service, later accepting the National Medal for Museum and Library Service from Michelle Obama on behalf of the museum. 

The Top 5. . . Ever!
Many old favorites were some of our most-viewed blogs in 2014, too!

  1. Why Would I Ever Lick a Fossil? January 21, 2013
    Written by our favorite dinosaur-discovering cowboy, Bucky Derflinger, this post was featured on Reddit in February, reaching 10,000 views in one day.
  2. Why Can I Roll My Tongue? July 22, 2013
    A favorite "Never Stop Asking 'Why?'" question—answered!
  3. Saturday Science: Homemade Plant Cell Pizza, February 2, 2013
    This Saturday Science proved so popular that we created a matching Animal Cell Cookie graphic, too!
  4. Why Did Some Pirates Wear an Eye Patch?, September 23, 2013
    Mythbusters inspired us to share this fun fact about pirates for our Never Stop Asking Why series.
  5. Egg Balancing Myths and the Vernal Equinox March 20, 2012
    This blog post is an old favorite. We did our own myth-busting—with eggs!

On top of all of this, we also launched our Blog Ambassador Program, featuring local bloggers who write about their experiences for the museum's blog. And there are so many more inspiring, funny, and interesting moments on the blog that I couldn't even fit onto these lists! 

Did your favorite make the list? Leave a comment and let us know—we want to know what YOU love on the blog.


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