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Witch Tips: Brain Peppers

Witch Tips: Brain Peppers

Take your Halloween treats up a notch with tips from our own crafty experts—The Children's Museum Guild witches! Watch as they stew up some creepy and delicious Brain Peppers!

Now, it's your turn! Learn how to make Brain Peppers: 


  • Red, green, orange and yellow peppers (one for each little goblin, ghost or witch joining you for dinner)  
  • Recipe and ingredients for your favorite spaghetti and red sauce.  
  • Chef knife
  • Large spoon
  • Paring Knife


  1. Make your favorite spaghetti and red sauce. 
  2. Have an adult carefully cut the tops off of each pepper using a chef knife. 
  3. Use a large spoon to remove each pepper's ribs and seeds.  
  4. Do you like friendly or frightening jack o' lanterns? Have an adult cut eyes, a nose, and a mouth into each pepper with a paring knife.  
  5. Stuff each pepper with the spaghetti and red sauce. 

  6. Carefully pull a few noodles through the face and top of peppers 
  7. Place the top of the pepper back on the pepper. 
  8. Serve and enjoy! 

You'll have a fab-BOO-lous time with our Guild witches at Monster MASKarade. Get your tickets today!

Looking for more Witch Tips? Check out all the recipes on YouTube!

This post is sponsored by IndyAnna's Catering.

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