Important Update: The museum has a new mask policy. Learn more: Learn More
Important Update: The museum has a new mask policy. Learn more: Learn More
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Egg Balancing Myths and the Vernal Equinox
Does an egg balance only during a Vernal Equinox? We put this myth to the test. Learn more
Saturday Science: Homemade Plant Cell Pizza
In this experiment, with just an extra bit of kitchen creativity, you can make an edible plant cell at home! Learn more
Why Did Alice Roosevelt Own a Pet Snake Named Emily Spinach?
Teddy Roosevelt and his children were known for keeping many unique pets in the White House! Learn more
Saturday Science: Make a Rainbow
Ever wonder how a rainbow forms? In this Saturday Science experiment, your family will understand how a rainbow works by making one yourself! Learn more
Why Do Teachers Like Apples?
Has your child ever asked you, “Should I take an apple to my teacher?” or “Why do teachers like apples?” Find out about this time-honored tradition in the latest edition of Never Stop Asking Why! Learn more
Why Can I Roll My Tongue?
Can you roll your tongue? Ever wonder why? We asked a genetic counselor for this edition of "Never Stop Asking Why?" Learn more
Why Do My Ears Pop When I'm in an Airplane?
Ever wonder why your ears pop and your stomach drops when you're on an airplane? Learn more
Why Do Pirates Say Arrr?
Why Did Some Pirates Wear an Eye Patch?
What's the science behind an eye patch? Is there any? We find out in this Never Stop Asking Why! Learn more
Why Do Leaves Fall Off Trees?
Ever wonder why leaves fall off trees? Check out this Never Stop Asking Why and find out! Learn more
Why Are Pumpkins Orange?
Ever wonder what causes pumpkins to turn orange? We answer that question in this edition of Never Stop Asking Why. Learn more
Saturday Science: Homemade Animal Cell Cookie
In this Saturday Science activity, add toppings to turn a cookie into a delicious edible version of an animal cell. Learn more
Why Do Squirrels Like Acorns?
Why Does Cold Air Smell Different?
Why does winter air have a cool, crisp smell? Find out in this edition of Never Stop Asking "Why?" Learn more
Saturday Science: Growing Gummy Bears
How can you increase the size of a normal gummy bear? Grab some gummy bears, a bowl of water, and a ruler and find out! Learn more
10 Amazing Facts about the Terra Cotta Warriors
Explore the ancient mystery of the Terra Cotta Warriors with these 10 amazing facts. Learn more
Real Science: Eggshell Sidewalk Chalk
Learn how to make sidewalk chalk out of eggshells. Learn more
The Story Behind Dippy Dawg and Goofy
Learn all about the Goofy stuffed toy that's in The Children's Museum Collection! Learn more
Meet Dracorex Hogwartsia
Why Does February Have 28 Days?
As we impatiently wait for spring, February may feel like a long month, but it's actually the shortest! Do you know why? Find out! Learn more
10 Facts About Amelia Earhart
Here are 10 facts you may not know about one of America's favorite women in history—Amelia Earhart! Learn more
Just Another Kid: 10 Facts about Anne Frank
Seventy-three years after she started her diary, Anne Frank continues to remind us that extraordinary stories often come from the most ordinary of kids. Here are 10 facts about Anne's life as just another kid... Learn more
Top 10 Hubble Space Telescope Facts
For 25 years, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured out-of-this-world photos of deep space, but its more than just a camera! In celebration of its 25th anniversary, here are 10 amazing facts about the telescope... Learn more
Why Is Winter Cold and Summer Hot?
As you put on your coat, gloves, and scarf, are you wondering why it's so cold in the winter ... and why summers are hot? Learn why... Learn more
Why Does Popcorn Pop?
Find out what makes popcorn pop in this edition of Never Stop Asking Why! Learn more
Why Don't Dinosaurs Have Ears?
Did dinosaurs have ears? Find out in this edition of Never Stop Asking "Why?" Learn more
Real Science: Powdery Pollination
Un-BEE-lievable! In this Real Science video, Science Educators Becky Wolfe and Don Riefler discover how animals, like bees, help pollinate plants... Learn more
Why do bees like flowers?
What is it about flowers that attract bees? Find out in this edition of "Never Stop Asking Why?" Learn more
Why do bees sting?
OUCH! If you've been stung by a bee, you know it really hurts. Here's why this happens... Learn more
Real Science: Glitter Germs
One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is to regularly wash your hands. In this Real Science experiment, your family will discover how germs spread—with the help of glitter! Learn more
Why Can I See Some Planets in the Sky and Not Others? 
Learn what makes some planets, like Venus and Jupiter, easy to spot... Learn more
Why is It Called a Funny Bone?
If you've ever hit your funny bone, you know it's no laughing matter! So, why is it called the "funny bone"? Find out... Learn more
Why Do Soda Cans Pop in the Freezer?
Have you ever forgotten about a can of soda in the freezer, and when you came back to it ... POP... there was a mess waiting for you to clean up? Find out why this happens... Learn more
Saturday Science: Wheat Germ DNA Extraction
Can you extract DNA? Of course you can! In this week's Saturday Science experiment, you'll use wheat germ to do just that!... Learn more
Why does it get dark earlier?
Have you noticed it has been getting dark earlier and earlier? Find out why this happens every fall... Learn more
Why Is Indiana So Flat?
Fun facts for those hitting the road—why parts of Indiana are so flat? Learn more
10 Facts about Ruby Bridges
Learn 10 facts about Ruby Bridges—an ordinary little girl who rose to the challenge when the world needed her extraordinary courage. Learn more
Why do veggies spark in the microwave?
When you're heating up your Thanksgiving leftovers, watch what happens in the microwave – the veggies spark! Find out why... Learn more
Why does ice float?
Small ice cubes float in a glass of water and giant icebergs float atop oceans and lakes! Find out why... Learn more
Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?
Baby teeth aren't just important to the Tooth Fairy! They also impact our overall oral health and development. Find out why... Learn more
Why Can I See My Breath When It’s Cold?
You know it's cold outside when ... you can see your breath each time you speak! Find out why this happens... Learn more
Why Are Some Stars Brighter than Others?
Star light, star bright...why are some stars so bright tonight? Find out... Learn more
Why is Mars red?
Whenever you see pictures of Mars, the one standout feature is its redness. Find out why... Learn more
Why Do Birds Chirp Early in the Morning?
With spring in full swing, you probably wake up to birds singing outside your window. Birds are early risers, but why do they start chirping so early in the morning? Find out! Learn more
Why Do Ballerinas Wear Tutus?
Ballerinas show off their graceful dancing onstage around the whole world. We're exploring why they wear tutus around their waists! Learn more
Why Are We Influenced By Pop Culture?
Why does pop culture influence us? Find out in this edition of Never Stop Asking Why. Learn more
Why Is A Soccer Ball Black and White?
Soccer is a popular sport across the world, and everyone knows that the main goal is to score GOALS! However, have you ever wondered why soccer balls are traditionally black and white? Learn more
Saturday Science: Bouncing Basketballs
One of the most important skills in basketball is dribbling. What is it about a basketball that makes it so very good at its job? Find out in this Saturday Science experiment. Learn more
Remembering Anne Frank and Auschwitz—Never Again
Otto Frank survived Auschwitz and then shared the story of his daughter, Anne Frank, with the world. Learn more
5 objects to look for during Black History Month
The next time you visit The Children’s Museum, be on the lookout for these five objects. They have connections with men and women who broke records and shattered stereotypes. We hope they inspire you. Learn more
Remembering Ryan White
The Children’s Museum pays tribute to Ryan White, an ordinary kid who used his voice and made an extraordinary impact. Learn more
Access Pass Activities for Ages 0–6
Check out some of the activities and exhibits for preschoolers, toddlers and babies available at Access Pass attractions. Learn more
Access Pass Activities for ages 7–12
Check out some of the activities and exhibits that are available at Access Pass attractions for kids ages 7–12. Learn more
DIY Countdown to Noon Flag
Ring in the New Year with a DIY Countdown to Noon flag. Learn more
12 Days of Christmas—Collections Style!
Journey through 12 days of Christmas with our museum Collection. Learn more
Check Out These Access Pass Attractions on the #LoveIndy Bucket List
Visit Indy created a list of can't-miss, must-do activities in Indianapolis. See what Access Pass cultural attractions made the list! Learn more
Resources for Talking to Your Children About the Attack on the U.S. Capitol
We have assembled a list of resources to help you talk about recent events with your children. Learn more
4 Ways to Spread Kindness
Kindness is a small thing you can do in a great way. Here are four different ways you can spread kindness. Learn more
Helping Kids Honor the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Resources and ideas for grown-ups to share the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and help kids honor his legacy today. Learn more
Hidden Gems at Access Pass Attractions
From a splash park to a sculpture park, these fun secrets are worth a look the next time you visit an Access Pass cultural attraction. Learn more
Black History Month: Code My Name
In support of Black History Month, we're highlighting Janet Emerson Bashen, an inventor and software pioneer who has impacted the world of computer technology. Learn more
Black History Month: Mood Music
In support of Black History Month, we are exploring the influence on American music by Black musicians. Learn more
Black History Month: Stoplight Activities
In support of Black History Month, we're highlighting Garrett Morgan, American inventor, entrepreneur and community leader. Learn more
Meet Some of the Artists who Created the Indianapolis Black Lives Matter Street Mural
Learn about the 11 Indianapolis Black Lives Matter Mural artists who will be at the February First Thursday Night. Learn more
4 Things We Love This Month at Access Pass Attractions
Four Access Pass experiences you'll love in February. Learn more
Are You Homeschooling this School Year? We Can Help!
Learn how we’ve adapted our homeschool programs to include virtual programming this year. Learn more
Date Night Ideas at Access Pass Attractions
There’s no need to play cupid because you’ll fall in love with these Access Pass attractions date night (or day!) ideas. Learn more
Presidents Day: The Making of a Leader
Identify the qualities of a good leader with this family activity. Learn more
Presidents Day: Political Pinbacks
Make your own campaign button and let your voice be heard in this family activity you can do at home! Learn more
Presidents Day: Presidential Games and Resources
Create your own presidential campaign, practice casting your vote, and discover the presidential election process with these resources! Learn more
Presidents Day: Indiana Connections in our Collection
We’re highlighting some presidential objects in our Collections with Indiana connections. Learn more
Gumdrop Challenge
Try your hand at being a structural engineer with this sweet Gumdrop Challenge. Learn more
DIY Catapults
Use these instructions to build three different catapults at home! Learn more
Snow Day Fun!
We've gathered six activities to elevate your snow day fun. Learn more
Campus Update: Our work on the Drake Apartment Building
An update on our ongoing work related to the Drake Apartment building on our campus. Learn more
Frozen Bubbles
Bundle up and make frozen bubbles outside in this easy snow day activity. Learn more
It’s Time for Adventure in Dora and Diego—Let’s Explore!
Join us on a walkthrough of Nickelodeon’s Dora and Diego—Let’s Explore! Learn more
Community Stories: Meet Tyla
Meet Tyla, a member of the Old National Bank Mid-North Promise Program. Learn more
Accessibility Resources at The Children’s Museum
Learn about our ongoing efforts to make visits to The Children’s Museum accessible and fun for everyone. Learn more
Accessibility at Access Pass Attractions
Learn about accessibility availability at Access Pass attractions. Learn more
Pi Day Can Be Easy as Pie!
Celebrate Pi Day (March 14) with this easy no-bake pudding pie recipe. Learn more
Make Your Own Pi Bead Bracelet for Pi Day!
Here's a fun way to help you celebrate Pi Day and remember the first few digits of pi—make your own pi bracelet! Learn more
Don’t Throw Away Your Shot: Indiana Buzzer Beaters
Take a look back at some famous tournament buzzer beaters from college basketball teams in Indiana. Learn more
7 Tips to Spring Back Into Action at The Children’s Museum
Spring back into action this Spring Break with a visit to The Children’s Museum. Consider these seven tips before you arrive. Learn more
How'd They Do That? Preparing Our Dinos for March Madness
Go behind the scenes and learn how we created those giant masks and basketball for the dinosaurs that are bursting out of the museum. Learn more
Enter the DC Universe in DC SUPER HEROES™: Discover Your Superpowers!
Join us for a walkthrough of the DC SUPER HEROES: Discover Your Superpowers exhibit. Learn more
7 Ways to Hoop it Up at The Children’s Museum
If you're a fan of dishing the rock and hitting the hardwood, be sure to check out these basketball experiences and displays at The Children's Museum! Learn more
5 Facts from the SUE Meets Bucky Exhibit
Put on your paleontological pathologist cap and explore the stories of the wild and dangerous lives of SUE the T. rex and Bucky the teenage T. rex. Learn more
10 Facts About Role Model ELLA FITZGERALDⓇ
Meet Ella Fitzgerald, a role model highlighted in Barbie: You Can Be Anything: The Experience at The Children’s Museum. Learn more
Easy Packed Lunch Ideas When Visiting Access Pass Attractions
Check out these easy to pack lunch ideas for your next visit to an Access Pass attraction! Learn more
An Extraordinary Opportunity for Indiana Foster Families
We’ve partnered with the Indiana Department of Child Services to provide Foster Family Memberships—a FREE museum membership for licensed foster families in the state of Indiana. Learn more
Amateur Astrophotography is Out of This World!
We spoke with amateur astrophotographers who are on staff at The Children’s Museum to learn about their extraordinary hobby of taking photos of the night sky. Learn more
5 Astronauts with Connections to Indiana
From first in flight to first to walk on the moon to modern spaceflight trailblazers, Indiana has a deep connection with astronauts and spaceflight. Learn more
10 Facts About Role Model Florence Nightingale
Meet Florence Nightingale, a role model highlighted in Barbie™ You Can Be Anything™: The Experience at The Children’s Museum. Learn more
Take a Look Behind the Scenes with Our Seasonal Coaches
We recently spoke with two of our seasonal coaches—Brian Edwards and Elizabeth Gee—and asked them to pull back the curtain and share what makes being a seasonal coach such a fulfilling job. Learn more
Let’s Make Some WAVEs
Inspired by the lives of Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, and Malala Yousafzai, we're challenging children and their families to make some WAVEs and change the world around us. Learn more
Community Stories: Meet Randall
Meet Randall, a participant in the Old National Bank Mid-North Promise Program at The Children's Museum. Learn more
Use Your Words to Make WAVEs
You can use your words to make WAVEs and help change the world. Learn more
10 Facts About Role Model Laurie Hernandez
Meet Laurie Hernandez, a role model highlighted in Barbie™ You Can Be Anything™: The Experience at The Children’s Museum. Learn more
We’re Adding Back More Hands-On Experiences!
Check out the hands-on interactive experiences that are returning to the museum floor! Learn more
Elephants in America?
Did you know that the first vertebrate fossil discovered in America was found and identified by African slaves? Learn more about their remarkable historic discovery. Learn more
7 Tips for a Perfect Summer Trip to The Children’s Museum
Check out these tips for a perfect summer trip to The Children's Museum. Learn more
Friday, June 30, 2017
Why does pop culture influence us? Find out in this edition of Never Stop Asking Why.
Thursday, January 28, 2021
Learn about the 11 Indianapolis Black Lives Matter Mural artists who will be at the February First Thursday Night.