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Facilities/Grounds Keeping Volunteer

This area performs activities that help the museum continue to run smoothly and look professional. From cleaning and planting outdoors for a beautiful appearance, to building display cases or helping clean exhibit areas, workers in this department help the museum function and look extraordinary at all times.

Facilities/Grounds Keeping Volunteer

Clean and help to maintain the outside grounds and building and assist with outdoor trash pickup. Seasonally plant, prune and care for outside plants or help with snow removal and salting of walkways. Assist with inside cleaning and maintenance, recycling collection, trash pickup.

Exhibit Maintenance

Clean and help to maintain the exhibit and gallery spaces, clean the Carousel of Wishes and Dreams brass and horses and assist the staff members with other duties as needed.

Essential Responsibilities/ Primary Activities:

  • Assist in building and planning small projects throughout the museum
  • Help in repairing and maintenance of the museum exhibit components


  • Must be a creative and innovative thinker
  • Willingness to work in dusty, dirty, and greasy environment
  • Knowledge and skill in operation of hand and power tools
  • Some mechanical skills needed
  • Willingness to do routine tasks
  • Willingness to perform manual labor relating to carpentry and mechanics

ADA Requirements:

  • Ability to detect equipment, materials, and power tools
  • Ability to ask questions and respond in conversation
  • Ability to express oneself and detect communication from others
  • Able to do repetitive hand and wrist motions during jobs requiring fine motor skills
  • Ability to carry a bag of material weighing 10 pounds or sheets of lumber between 2-6 feet in length
  • Must be able to remain in a stationary position 50% of the time and stand for long periods of time


Early mornings -5 p.m. most weekdays and weekends. During the fall/winter the museum is closed on Mondays and those are important days to get a number of large projects done.