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Fireworks of Glass

  • A Chihuly Tower to Take Your Breath Away
    3,200 pieces of blown glass rise 43 feet through the center of the museum. This sculpture by renowned artist Dale Chihuly delights all ages.
  • Discover the Artist in You
    Build your own sculpture using dazzling, kid-friendly shapes that resemble those created by Chihuly.
  • A Colossal Cleaning
    Can you imagine dusting this beauty? Watch the experts do it once a monthβ€”it's incredible to see!
Fireworks of Glass

A Breathtaking 43-Foot Tower

Fireworks of Glass

You won’t be able to take your eyes off this beauty! The colossal blown glass tower is one of the largest permanent sculptures by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. Featuring over 3,200 stunning pieces of brilliant blown glass, the tower rises above a glass ceiling and can be viewed from all sides.

Starts on the Lower Level.

Sculpt Away!

Relax on a revolving platform and gaze up at the magnificent glass ceiling. Learn to identify the different shapes and forms used by Chihuly. Create your own colorful sculpture from plastic shapes that mirror the originals. Blow glass virtually or explore glassblowing on our computers.

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