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Itinerary for Toddlers

Stop 1: Dig Pit and Egg Nest pretend play
Climb into a dinosaur nest, where kids (and adults!) become dinos with dinosaur costumes. Sometimes little ones are afraid of the noises in Dinosphere®, which can fluctuate in volume. Taking them straight to the Dig Pit or Egg Nest allows them to avoid the central area at first, and then warm up to wanting to enter when they see it’s not so scary. An interpreter can also help—look for their umbrella when the “thunderstorm” starts!

Location: Dinosphere (Lower Level)

Stop 2: Dig Sites
In National Geographic Treasures of the Earth, help excavate warriors. In Dinosphere®, learn how to dig for dinos at a recreated dig site, based on the actual site in Montana. Parents can join in, too!

Location: Treasures of the Earth and Dinosphere (Lower Level)

Stop 3: Dinosaur Play Table
Little ones will love the dinosaur models in this miniature Cretaceous landscape. The family restrooms here make this a good chance for a bathroom break!

Location: Dinosphere hallway (Lower Level)

Stop 4: Train Table
Toddlers love train tables—but it’s not every day that it’s inside a train station! The sound and light show can be loud, but exploring the tool car in the room beyond Reuben Wells is quiet and fun for the whole family!

Location: All Aboard (Lower Level)

Stop 5: Seti’s Tomb tunnel
Help clear out the rubble and repair the walls in this mysterious tunnel. This area is the perfect size for smaller visitors!

Location: Treasures of the Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 6: Repair Crawlthrough
In Beyond Spaceship Earth, the little ones can crawl through a tight part of the ISS and press the right buttons on an access panel to fix the space station! 

Location: Beyond Spaceship Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 7: Broad Ripple Park Carousel
The Carousel is the largest artifact in the museum’s collection! Carousel rides are free to members and kids under 2; non-member cost is $1 per ride. There’s a token machine at the front of the Carousel line.

Location: Carousel Wishes & Dreams (Level 4)

Stop 8: Hideout Spots
Look for tunnels that lead to pop-up lookouts inside the exhibits! These are favorite spots for smaller visitors.

Location: All Aboard and Dinosphere (Lower Level)