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Out-of-this-World Family Fun Let’s Chat Space

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Let's Chat: Space in Museum at Home by The Children's Museum of IndianapolisSummer is the perfect time to gather the family in the backyard, gaze at the sky, study the stars and planets and imagine what life is like in space. Who better to talk to about that than someone connected with NASA who knows all about astronauts jettisoned out of our world to study the magnificent universe. Join The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for Facebook LIVE Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 4 p.m. EDT for “Let’s Chat Space.”

Highlights of this Let’s Chat edition include:

  • NASA Life Sciences Project Scientist Gioia Massa will talk about why it is important to grow fruits and vegetables aboard spacecraft. What she discovers in a Kennedy Space Center lab helps astronauts figure out how to produce nutritious food for long trips in space. The round trip to Mars can take four years—that’s a long time without food. Did you know that plants don’t grow straight up in space? Find out what special trick is used to help them stand straighter.
  • Eating Space Food: Speaking of space food, The Children’s Museum’s Science Educator Don Riefler describes what it means to dehydrate food and why NASA dehydrates meals for astronauts. Learn how astronauts use water to rehydrate their food in space. Don demonstrates this process using yummy strawberries.
  • Training like an Astronaut: What important skills do astronauts need to know before flying into space? Why is what they wear in space so different and so much more important than what they wear on Earth? Tune in for survival tips and fun facts about space travel.
  • Astronaut Workout: Get ready to exercise like an astronaut. A Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience coach shows families fun ways to “train” like astronauts preparing their bodies for long journeys into space. 

This is just one more way The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is working to fulfill our mission and bring the museum to YOU. Here is a link to the show. Let’s Chat Space

Join us Thursday May 28, 2020 when we present “Let’s Chat Sports.” Guest appearances by some of the Old National Bank Sports Legends Avenue of Champions athletes including Reggie Miller, Tamika Catchings, DaMarcus Beasley and more.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is proud to partner with Riley Children’s at Indiana University Health, Old National Bank and Ice Miller LLP.

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