School Memberships

Dinosphere School GroupMake the world’s biggest and best children’s museum part of your school year! Save hundreds of dollars with unlimited field trip visits, special discounts, and teacher perks when you become a member school. This program gives you the flexibility to create extraordinary learning experiences for your students tied to state and national arts, humanities, and STEM standards all year long. To learn more, take a peek at our School Membership guidelines.

School Membership Cost Based on Enrollment
20-50 students—$300
51-100 students—$350
101–300 students—$600
301–500 students—$1,200
501–1,000 students—$1,800
More than 1,001 students—$2,000


Explore. Discover. Learn.

Partner with us to take your students’ learning to the next level. Bring ideas and subjects to life and tackle standards with engaging, unforgettable museum experiences.

As a member, your school will receive these exclusive benefits: 

  • Unlimited museum visits for an entire school year for one low price (excluding all school breaks and holidays)
  • One 50% off coupon for a professional development workshop for each teacher at your school (excludes Open Houses, Educator Nights, and Dino Digs)
  • Opportunity to register early for fall school programs.
  • Invitation for one representative from your school to serve on the museum’s Education Council 
  • Option to purchase the Chaperone Membership. For an additional $150, ten adult chaperones per day will be admitted free for each field trip during your membership period.  {Without the Chaperone Membership, one adult chaperone (teacher, parent, other adults that accompany school groups) will be admitted free of charge with every five students.}

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