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  • Get Your Green Thumb Going
    Grow your own plant from seed to stem! Learn the wonders of germination, pollination, and seed development.
  • Dive into Science
    Use the latest technology to learn about all things science from plants to fossils and everything in between!
  • High-Tech, Hands-On Fun
    Be transported to a world of science and technology. Take part in unforgettable experiments and programs.

Gateway to Extraordinary Learning

SciencePort®Get ready for some eye-opening science explorations! Dive into one of our engaging virtual investigations and visit the museum for staff-led activities. Keep the learning and fun going at home with follow-up activities and resources.

SciencePort® hours vary. Check the sign in ScienceWorks to see daily times.

Located on Level 4.

This Calls for an Investigation!

It’s time to dive into some critical thinking—and fun! Explore our virtual investigation tools to get in gear from home.

  • CSI: Flight Adventure—Build a parachute and conduct flight tests. Analyze plane parts under a microscope, and learn how to be a real pilot. Check out the wind tunnel cart when you visit the museum (select days from 10:30–11:30 a.m.).
  • Archaeology Challenge—Explore the mysteries of the ancient world with Annie Archaeologist. Learn about artifact excavation and preservation.
  • Plant Life Cycle—Grow your own plant with a museum-provided kit. See firsthand how Brassica rapa goes from seed to seed pods in just 40 days. 
  • Health House Investigation—Healthy life habits can actually be fun! Younger children will love meeting Teeth Rex and playing in the Health House area. Try these interactive games and activities about good nutrition and other healthy choices, too!
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