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The Visiting Artist Program

With the support of the Lechleiter Indiana Visiting Artist Fund, The Children's Museum is able to continue programming for the Visiting Artist Program.

Each year, the museum recruits one or two exceptional artists with Indiana ties to publicly present and teach their work. The artist(s) will interact and inspire children and families with art exhibitions, displays, and artist-student interactions. Visiting Artists have worked in a variety of spaces around the museum including the National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS), Sunburst Atrium, Playscape® Art Studio, the Mann Properties Gallery of Paleo Art, and more.

This year’s Visiting Artists

Israel Solomon
Israel Solomon is a high school art teacher who paints stunning scenes from our community using vibrant colors and eye-catching shapes. Solomon will feature his bold and colorful artwork and demonstrate the techniques he uses with color and shape to tell stories about the world around us. Using images of cities and neighborhoods in Indiana, you’ll be able to create your own works of art to portray the diversity and beauty of the community. 

“Being selected as a Visiting Artist for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is a dream come true! Together we will celebrate our community and the diverse cultures within. We will paint together, share our thoughts, and express ourselves through the use of color and harmony. Together we will paint, learn, and create a piece of art that represents the strength and power that lies within our children and community.”

David Slonim
David Slonim is a children’s book author and illustrator, known for books like Digger, Dozer, Dumper and He Came with the Couch! Slonim will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how children's book authors/illustrators create a book, including character drawing, story creation, storytelling structure, and drawing tips. Slonim will demonstrate how he uses illustration to tell stories about the world around us and you can practice right along with him! 

"Stories shape who we are and who we become. I want to help kids to not only enjoy stories but develop their skills to become excellent storytellers themselves. I'm excited to be able to share my love of storytelling and illustration with children and their families at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. 

The Visiting Artist Program is a project of the Lechleiter Indiana Visiting Artist Fund with support provided by The White Oak Foundation, Sarah and John Lechleiter.

Upcoming Events

Visiting Artist Israel Solomon—Color our City: Art Workshop

Explore art with visiting artist Israel Solomon Details

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Visiting Artist David Slonim: Story Maker Workshop

Explore how to create a children's book with Visiting Artist David Slonim. Details

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