Dinosphere at The Children

3 DINO-mite Things You Need to Know—and Why You Have to Visit this Month!

3. Dinosaurs are on the move! 
Some of your favorite dinosaur fossils—including the Gorgosaur skull and Dracorex hogwartsia, interactive elements, and play areas will be accessible throughout the museum. 

2. SUE the T. rex is coming March 6! 
In SUE Meets Bucky, you can discover the wild and dangerous life of the Tyrannosaurus rex—top Cretaceous predators—as you examine casts of SUE the T. rex from the Field Museum in Chicago and Bucky the Teenage T. rex from The Children’s Museum!

1. To prepare for a new Jurassic experience, Dinosphere® will be closed March 8, 2021–March 2022. 
We’re building two new immersive dinosaur experiences and we need to make room for these gigantic creatures.

Once construction is complete, you’ll be able to enter a whole new world full of ancient beasts, including two giant four-legged, long-necked sauropods and a treasure trove of ancient aquatic fossils! Click here to learn more.

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