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Dinosphere®: Closed through March 2022

Welcome to the Dino Hub!

No, this is not an extinction event. It’s only temporary. Dinosphere® is closed through March 2022 while we make room for two new awe-inspiring dinosaur experiences. We're bringing in awesome new dinosaurs, including Giants of the JurassicTM and Monsters of the MesozoicTM Seas, which will join your long-time favorites in Creatures of the CretaceousTM in Dinosphere.

In the meantime, this is your hub for all of the DINO-mite experiences we still have at the museum, plus a treasure trove of online dino content for your family to dig into!

2021 DINO-mite Experiences

We're pulling out all the stops to ensure you continue to have a roaring dino experience during this temporary closure. Check out these awe-inspiring dino encounters at the museum.

Meet Bucky the T. rex

A cast of Bucky the Teenage T. rex. is currently on display in the Sunburst Atrium.

  • Examine T. rex bones and learn how injury was a normal part of Bucky’s life
  • Explore the world of paleontological pathology
  • Discover how scientists continue to learn from Bucky because science never stops

Dino Programs

The Sunburst Atrium and other areas in the museum will come alive with interactive dinosaur programming! Be sure to check the calendar for times.

  • Big Dino Fun Make observations and hear about fossil traits that allow us to imagine how a T. rex moved. Then, get up, move, and roar like a T. rex!
  • Dino Tales Experience ground-breaking moments in dinosaur discoveries! Hear a tale of a pioneer in paleontology, to experience the thrill of discovering real-life fossils!

Fossils and Fun

We’ve temporarily relocated some of your favorite dino-related fossils and interactive elements. Here’s where you can find them:

  • The Gorgosaur skull has been moved to the STEMLab
  • Dracorex hogwartsia has been moved to Level 2 near the elevators
  • The dino nest and eggs and Sarcosuchus memory game have been moved to Level 3
  • Play tables have been moved to the hallway outside Playscape®. Another play table is on Level 4
  • The giant femur bone has been moved to Big, Bad, and Bizarre on Level 2

Mission Jurassic began with a $27.5 million project that has brought together more than 100 scientists from three countries to explore and excavate a fossil-rich dinosaur dig site in Wyoming, known as the Jurassic MileTM. Go behind-the-scenes as we build the new Dinosphere experience! Over the course of the year, you get to be part of the incredible exhibit creation process—from digging a dinosaur specimen from the ground to putting it on display in Indianapolis! Once construction is complete, you’ll be able to enter a whole new world full of ancient beasts, including two giant four-legged, long-necked sauropods and a treasure trove of ancient aquatic fossils.

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From updated programming to special peeks behind-the-scenes, we'll fill you in on all things dino with this monthly eNews!

Take a virtual tour of Dinosphere®

We're bringing DinosphereⓇ to you during its temporary closure! Explore the exhibit in a whole new way and uncover stories of these Cretaceous creatures. Look for at-home activities, interviews with our paleontologists, and even the full sound and light show you know and love!

Dinosaurs A to Z

From Alamosaurus to Zuul, stomp through the alphabet and explore the extraordinary world of dinosaurs with Dr. Victoria Egerton, Eli Lilly and Company Extraordinary Scientist-In-Residence and Research Fellow at the University of Manchester (UK). Explore giant long-necked, long-tailed sauropods. Discover incredible beasts the size of modern-day birds. Encounter two-legged theropods. Dr. Egerton will take you on an alphabetized adventure as she shows you dinosaurs from all around the world!


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Mission Jurassic is made possible through lead gift support from Lilly Endowment Inc., with major support provided by Susie and Jack Sogard.