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Hot Wheels™: Race to Win™

Hot Wheels™: Race to Win™

May 19–Sept. 9, 2018

Celebrate 50 years of speed, power, and performance! Buckle up and race with the world-famous toy vehicles that have been thrilling kids and grown-ups since 1968—Hot Wheels®! Be part of a dynamic race team working together to build and test the world’s fastest (and safest) speed machines, using Hot Wheels diecast cars to experiment and play.

Get in the Zone
Use science, technology, engineering and math principles to create cutting-edge, high-performance racing machines. Explore the design, development, and testing of the fastest and safest vehicles on the planet in our four zones:

  • Blue Zone: Design
    Racing strategy starts in the Blue Zone. Shape your car for top aerodynamic performance, determine the best track conditions for a race, and design a track for winning results!
  • Yellow Zone: Power
    It’s all about the engine in the Yellow Zone. Discover how the moving parts of an engine power cars in different ways, define combustion and units to measure power, and choose the best engine for your race!
  • Green Zone: Speed
    Come in first on the scoreboard in the Green Zone! Get the family together for a final  race, beat the clock at your pit-stop, and hop in the Winner’s Circle for a photo opp!
  • Red: Safety
    Dance with danger, but stay safe in the Red Zone. Test your reflexes on the track to ultimately avoid collision, and see the elements and materials that keep drivers safe.

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