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The Paintings of N.A. Noël

Nov. 13, 2021–Jan. 9, 2022

The incredibly detailed artwork of Nancy Noël (1945–2020)—an internationally-renowned contemporary impressionist from Zionsville, Indiana—creates an emotional connection with the viewer that invites nostalgia, sparks curiosity, and fosters imagination in our own thinking and conversations about art. 

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As you explore this exhibit, you can:

  • Illustrate a page while exploring the connection between art and storytelling.
  • Enter N.A. Noël's "studio" and sketch an object while discovering her creative process.
  • Create a portrait of a family member, learning about the use of proportions and details.

Observe how artists like N.A. Noël told stories through their art and how the creative process evolves over time. Discover how artists use muted and bright colors, a photo-based style, and varied compositions to bring subjects to life on canvas. This exhibit will invite you to make close observations and then tell your own stories about what might be happening both inside and outside the artist's frame, inspiring your inner artist to shine!