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Playscape App

PlayscapeContinue your Playscape experience at home! The app features four activities for children ages 5 and under that correspond to elements your child will experience in Playscape. Activities include:

  • Forest Finds—Create your own nature collage by dragging images of leaves, flowers, sticks, and more onto a canvas.
  • Flutter Fly—Touch the fireflies before they flutter off the screen.
  • Fish Friends—Help a fish swim down a stream by removing obstacles in its path.
  • Reaction Contraption—Construct a contraption and then release a ball to watch it navigate down the path.

Through this app your child can participate in all Playscape has to offer even if you can't visit the museum in person. If you can visit the exhibit, the app will enhance your child's learning experience and help solidify new skills learned while exploring at the museum. Available in the iTunes Store and Android Market for phones and tablets.

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