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SUE Meets Bucky

  • SUE the T. rex meets Bucky the Teenage T. rex at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
SUE the T. rex meets Bucky the teenage T. rex in the SUE Meets Bucky exhibit at The Children
COVID-19 Safety Exhibit Updates:
Touchable elements in this exhibit are sanitized by staff frequently, and sanitizing wipes are provided for your use.

All Children's Museum exhibits will have capacity limits. Museum staff will monitor occupancy and if capacity is reached, staff will admit visitors to the exhibit when others leave.

SUE Meets Bucky will be closed for cleaning at various points during the day. Please consult signage throughout the museum to help you plan your visit.

Face coverings are required for everyone ages 2 and over. They must completely cover your nose and mouth.

March 6-July 25, 2021

Step back millions of years and come face-to-face with the casts of two famous Tyrannosaurus rex fossils—SUE the T. rex from the Field Museum and our very own Bucky the Teenage T. rex. Explore the wild and dangerous lives of these top Cretaceous predators.

  • Study SUE’s broken bones.
  • Examine evidence of arthritis, infection, and parasites.
  • Discover how scientists continue to learn from them as science never stops!

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This exhibition was developed by The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, in partnership with the Field Museum.

© 2018 Field Museum, photo by Lucy Hewett