The museum will open to the public beginning July 11. Here’s what you need to know. Learn More
The museum will open to the public beginning July 11. Here’s what you need to know. Learn More
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We’re on a Mission—Mission Jurassic!

Mission Jurassic is a $27.5 million project that will bring together more than 100 scientists from three countries to explore and excavate a fossil-rich dinosaur dig site in Wyoming, known as The Jurassic Mile. The site is a treasure trove of Jurassic fossil bones, trackways, and preserved plant life from millions of years ago, that will lead to never-before-told stories about the Jurassic Period. Mission Jurassic includes:

  • An expansion of Dinosphere® that will bring Giants of the Jurassic to The Children's Museum
  • An exciting dinosaur dig featuring Jurassic fossil bones, plants, trackways, and marine animals all in one place
  • An international partnership with world-class scientists
Mission Jurassic will be brought to life through the generosity of donors. Donate now on our website, or for extraordinary naming opportunities check out our Mission Jurassic Field Guide or contact Amy Kwas at 317-334-4608 or

Mission Jurassic Blog

Stay up to date with stories from the Jurassic Mile dig site!

Jurassic journey: taking fossils from earth to exhibit

September, 23, 2019
Many of the fossils unearthed at the Mission Jurassic dig site have begun their next leg of their Jurassic journey. We’re tracking some of the steps these fossils took along the way to the new Jura...

The Jurassic fossils are here—now what?

September, 10, 2019
Find out what happens to the field jackets once they have arrived at The Children's Museum from the Mission Jurassic dig site.
Mission Jurassic: The Dinos Mission Jurassic: The Exhibit Mission Jurassic: The Site Mission Jurassic: The Team

See for Yourself!

Check out the latest Mission Jurassic photos!

Mission Jurassic is made possible through lead gift support from Lilly Endowment Inc., Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, with major support provided by The R.B. Annis Educational Foundation and Susie and Jack Sogard.