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Mission Jurassic: The Exhibit

Mission Jurassic: The Exhibit

The scope of Dinosphere® will expand to include Cretaceous AND Jurassic specimens.

  • When you enter Dinosphere®, you'll be greeted by two giant sauropods!
  • A new Paleo Prep Lab will be added to make room for the extraordinary new fossils we’re preparing
  • The hall beyond Dinosphere® will become a Mesozoic Marineland where you'll feel immersed underwater with marine animals from millions of years ago

Jurassic Paleo Prep Lab—Now Open!

The new Jurassic Paleo Prep Lab, located in Dinosphere®, is now open! The Mission Jurassic team uncovered nearly 500 new fossils from the Jurassic Mile dig site this summer weighing in at more than 15 tons! Now you can see some of those colossal fossils being prepped on your next visit to Dinosphere®.

The Jurassic bones found at our Mission Jurassic dig site are significantly larger than the Cretaceous bones that had been prepped in the museum's Polly H. Hix Paleo Prep Lab. Bigger bones require bigger equipment and a larger workspace. The museum has been busy building a new Jurassic Paleo Prep Lab in order to accommodate the bigger Jurassic bones. Now that the new lab is complete, our scientists will have the proper room and equipment to tackle these extraordinary specimens.

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