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Top 10 Toys for the Holiday Season

Kid-Tested, Kid-Approved!

The Children's Museum Store has polled the experts (kids!) to determine the top ten toys for the 2015 holiday season. We've compiled the top toys into a list to help you when choosing holiday gifts for the children in your life.

These toys are all available at The Children's Museum Store located inside the museum. Let us help you choose the perfect gift! If you cannot make it to The Museum Store in person, we can assist by phone at 317-334-4606 or email at

Store Hours: Tues.–Sun., 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

The Results Are In!

Crazy Bubbles1. Crazy Bubbles
Ages 3+

Discover a whole new world of bubble-making. Square bubbles, cubic bubbles, spiral bubbles, saddle-shaped bubbles, wormhole bubbles, parabolic bubbles!! Skills to learn: shape differentiation, dexterity, logic, scientific thinking, and prisms.
Glow Pad Animator2. Glow Pad Animator
Ages 3+

Light Up LED glow pad blue Animator with Glow Markers. Bring your drawings to life. Comes with 4 neon markers, has 8 LED light modes. Skills to learn: creativity, neon as a new vocabulary word, artistic expression, drawing, and fine motor skills.
SmartMax Magnetic Discovery3. SmartMax Magnetic Discovery
Ages 1+

The SmartMax line of toys combines the wonders of magnetism with the world of construction in a way that's safe for young children. Skills to learn: magnetic attraction and repulsion.
Doodle Track Car4. Doodle-Track Car
Ages 4+

Doodle Track follows the twists and turns on a track you design with any black marker. Comes with stick on decals. Promotes imaginative play.  Skills to learn: Fine motor skills, line tracking, creativity.
RC Mini Racer5. RC Mini Racer
Ages 8+

One of our smallest RC racers! This remote-controlled racer is agile , has a long battery life and is renowned for its handling! Suitable for both young and old! Skills to learn: eye-hand coordination.
Robo Bug6. Robo-Bug
Ages 7+

Build your own robot bug that crawls, climbs, and chomps its pinchers. No tools required. Fosters curiosity, scientific thinking, and is a great introduction to robotics.
Marble Maze7. Marble Maze
Ages 4+

An intriguing and fascinating construction set with many possibilities to create a variety of marble runs. Skills to learn: How to think through processes and test ideas (scientific thinking), spatial perception, problem solving.
Snowballs8. Indoor Snowballs
Ages 1+

Everyone enjoys a snow battle. These soft snowballs allow lots of winter fun inside. Skills to learn: hand-eye coordination, responsive socialization.
Spiral Ball9. Spiral Ball
Ages 5+

Use the spring loaded shooter to fire marbles at the targets for scoring points. Fun and safe for indoor arcade play.
Bristle Blocks10. Bristle Blocks
Ages 2+

Soft to the touch and easy to connect, these unique building blocks are ready to transform into any structure your child can dream up. Skills to learn: Principles of construction, tactile experience with soft bristles. fine motor skills.