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Carousel Wishes and Dreams

  • Lions, Tigers, and Goats . . . Oh My!
    The Carousel has a total of 42 animals, including horses, goats, giraffes, deer, a lion, and a tiger. Which one will you pick for this unforgettable ride?
  • The Way Childhood Should Be
    Be immersed in imaginative play with games, puzzles, a playhouse, and more!
  • Moments You'll Want to Capture
    Weave through a mysterious maze of mirrors and dazzling life-sized kaleidoscope!
Carousel Wishes and Dreams

Carousel Wishes and DreamsPlease Note: The Carousel is closed for annual maintenance Sept. 9–22.

A Dazzling Experience

Be whisked away on a magical Carousel ride with Indiana roots back to 1917. The intricately painted Carousel animals were salvaged from the original ride that operated in Broad Ripple Park in Indianapolis. Now a museum favorite, you won’t want to miss this! Carousel rides are free for members and children under age 2; nonmember cost is $1 per ride.

Located on Level 4.

Dream Big

Designed for adventure and interaction, this special area of the museum has fun for young and old.

  • Explore the maze of mirrors and life-sized kaleidoscope.
  • Visit the games and puzzles arcade.
  • Climb a tree house.
  • Serve pretend treats in a retro ice cream parlor.
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