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Museum Collections

Objects from the past aren’t just something to admire. They carry stories—powerful stories that can inspire, teach, and even change lives.

Over 130,000 artifacts and specimens are housed within The Children’s Museum, helping to bring the museum to life for visitors in extraordinary ways. With a rich collection history of almost 100 years, the museum has been using objects to inspire imaginations and connect generations for decades.

Arts and Humanities Collection

Immerse yourself in American culture from the 1700s to today, or experience life from a completely different world perspective. With over 120,000 artifacts representing family life, popular trends, historical events, and art from around the world, you may find yourself experiencing a blast from the past, or interacting with the unfamiliar and the fascinating.

Natural Science Collection

Come face to face with Ice Age animal bones, authentic dinosaur fossils, a colossal polar bear, and so much more! The museum is full of unique specimens that help foster curiosity and enthusiasm for the sciences. You’ll be astounded by the beauty and detail these natural creations possess.

Do you have an object that you wish to donate to the Museum’s collections? Do you want to reproduce an image? Do you have another question for our collection staff? Submit your comments or requests to: