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World Cultures Collection

Experience life from a completely different perspective. With nearly 48,000 ethnographic, art, and archaeological objects from around the world, you’ll find yourself interacting with the unfamiliar and the fascinating. Imagine twirling in African ceremonial dance attire, working with Inuit tools to survive, or coming face to face with an eerie tomb figure from ancient Egypt.

Collection Highlights

  • 1920s Japanese friendship doll
  • Wooden tomb figure related to the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Seti I
  • 19th-century Hawaiian chief's helmet
  • Collection of Alaskan Inuit tools, utensils, personal items, and clothing
  • Native American woman’s ribbonwork “wearing” blanket from the 1800s
  • Suit of Samurai armor (1615–1868, Japan)
  • African egungun dance garment
  • Story quilt depicting travels of Hmong refugees

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