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Statement on Equity and Inclusion

I am heart-broken by the injustice and racism that permeates our nation, our state, and our community. As the leader of a museum dedicated to serving all children and families, I believe we have a responsibility to educate and inspire change. The staff of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and I stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, the Black community, and all like-minded people around the globe who deplore racism. Injustice leads to the violence that has brought grief to so many families.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has never shied away from tough topics. For example, The Power of Children exhibit—about empathy, acceptance, and understanding—examines the bravery of three young children who endured atrocious bigotry and yet changed the world.

We know we can do more and we will. We don’t have all of the answers but we are dedicated to working together to create a more equitable and inclusive society.

We believe the museum has a civic responsibility to educate ourselves and others about the history and importance of racial justice, and join the fight for all to live a life of freedom, dignity, and respect.

Dr. Jeffrey Patchen
President and CEO