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Intern Experience

Why Intern at The Children’s Museum?

Beyond just coming to work at one of the most unique and fun places ever, we offer an array of perks to take your experience to the next level. We take care of our interns and value the incredible work that they do.

  • Intern Mentorship—one-on-one guidance with trained staff members who are assigned to help motivate you on your career path
  • Professional Development—a series of training opportunities that prepare you for your career
  • Practical professional experiences through autonomous project work
  • Portfolio development—a presentation or project report that showcases your museum internship projects for future reference
  • Intern Central—a place for interns to work, collaborate, recharge, gather for lunch, or just relax
  • Discounts in the Museum Store and Food Court
  • Special intern-only events
  • One-year individual membership to the museum
  • On-site access to a gym

It’s time for you to start the adventure of a lifetime! Apply online today or contact Nida Saleem for more information.

"I think the internship at TCM is highly organized and beneficial to both interns and mentors. I'm really glad that TCM is so determined to implement an internship program and to provide professional skills and growth to college students preparing for a career."
- Megan Stamper (Spring 2004)