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Adult Volunteering

Join a group of talented, diverse individuals ranging in age from 18–90! You can choose a schedule and opportunity that works best for you!

Adult volunteers get to work on the frontlines, interacting directly with visitors to assist, entertain, and educate. Be an aspiring astronaut’s assistant in Beyond Spaceship Earth, a personable point of interesting facts in Dinosphere®, or even assist at a special event! Flexible shifts are available from weekly, bi-weekly, occasional, weekend, evening, and special events.

Becoming a volunteer

Hooray! You want to volunteer at the world’s biggest and best children’s museum! There’s just a few steps left. Between turned-in applications to interviews to start date, getting onboard here can take between 30 to 45 days. During this time, we’ll explore options with you, show you the museum, and get to know each other! It’s a journey, not a sprint, so we appreciate your patience. If you’re selected, just think about how many lives you’ll impact with your service! Hint: It’s a lot.

The first step in your volunteer journey begins with our brief, online application. A detailed description of our process can be found in this PDF.

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