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Family Volunteering

What better way to spend quality family time than volunteering together? Our family volunteers are placed to work together as a team, giving you the opportunity to spend time together while giving back.

Becoming a volunteer

Hooray! You want to volunteer at the world’s biggest and best children’s museum! There’s just a few steps left. Between turned-in applications to interviews to start date, getting onboard here can take between 30 to 45 days. During this time, we’ll explore options with you, show you the museum, and get to know each other! It’s a journey, not a sprint, so we appreciate your patience. If you’re selected, just think about how many lives you’ll impact with your service! Hint: It’s a lot.

The first step in your volunteer journey begins with our brief, online application. A detailed description of our process can be found in this PDF.

How we define family

  • Families or extended families do not have to have be blood related or live in the same house—they may have a long term, ongoing relationship which qualifies them as “family.”
  • Youth ages 8-17 can volunteer alongside an adult who is a parent/legal guardian, family member, or trusted friend.
  • Family volunteers function as a single volunteer unit and will not be separated. (Adults who are not the legal guardian for the members of their group must provide a signed release from the youth’s legal guardian.)
  • Families are placed throughout the museum and can help visitors understand something about an exhibit or guide visitors through a large and busy exhibit. Flexible shifts are available from weekly, bi-weekly, occasional, weekend, evening, and special events. The museum’s Volunteer Services staff seeks to maximize the talents and interests of family volunteers to help continue our tradition of being the biggest and best in the world.

Are you ready to become a part of our extraordinary volunteer team? Take the next step, and apply today!

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