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Group Volunteering

We strive to create opportunities for local organizations that add value for your group and the museum. Some common opportunities include: greeting and navigating guests on peak visitation days, landscaping with our facilities team, or assisting with large events!

Group size

At least five volunteers are required to be considered a group. Generally, outdoor opportunities can accommodate up to 30 volunteers, and indoor opportunities usually have a maximum of 10 or less. The desired group size is always listed on the opportunity search page. Every volunteer who signs up in a group must agree to a background check.

Types of group volunteers

One-time groups

Organized groups who sign up for an opportunity—typically a single day event or program.

Regular/returning groups

Organized groups agree to fill one to two volunteer spots on a rotating basis. For example: a group or team of 10 people choose an opportunity for which all members would be trained. Each week, two team members would fill the shift on a rotation basis over a five week period of time and then repeat the process.

Donor partnership groups

Volunteer opportunities are created to coincide with corporate sponsored events or exhibits; i.e., a company chooses to sponsor an event or exhibit in the museum and their employees become volunteers for the sponsored event or exhibit.

High school groups

High school groups must have a 4:1 student to chaperone ratio and each student under the age of 18 will need a signed release form from a parent or guardian. Each volunteer who is 18 years or older and will be involved will need to complete and submit a cleared background check.

Getting started

If you are interested in bringing a group to the museum to volunteer, see what’s available that fits your group, then fill out a group volunteer application. Be sure to select a group leader on the application page. Once you have completed this application, you will be sent a link to a list of upcoming group opportunities.