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SCOOBY-DOO!™ Mansion Mayhem

About the Exhibit

For over five decades the members of Mystery Inc. have shown that through courage, teamwork, and ingenuity, even the toughest mysteries can be solved. In SCOOBY-DOO™ Mansion Mayhem visitors are invited to work alongside Mystery Inc. to solve the case of the jewel-thieving ghost. Summoning their courage, families will enter the exhibit ready to observe, ask questions, and interpret clues to help the gang crack the case! 

Exhibit Messages:

  • The mysteries of Scooby-Doo deliver laughter, thrills, and spooky fun that make supernatural sleuthing enjoyable for fans of all ages.
  • The meddling kids, mysteries, monsters, and munchies of Scooby-Doo have captivated  generations of kids and adults, encouraging them to share personal memories and favorite Scooby moments while creating new ones together.
  • Together we can uncover the truth by combining our unique talents and skills to make careful  observations, ask questions, and interpret clues.
  • Working with our friends and teammates, we give each other courage to overcome our fears and seek the source of a mystery.

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Exhibit Areas

Graveyard and Mansion Façade
As visitors begin their exhibit journey they will learn why they were called to this mysterious mansion. A note left by the Mystery Inc. gang will explain that they have been invited to this run-down mansion to investigate a jewel-thieving ghost that has evaded the local police force. The note will reveal that the ghost was last seen entering this mansion. Visitors will be invited to join the Mystery Inc. team and come inside the mansion to search for clues alongside the gang. Summoning their courage, families will enter the exhibit ready to observe, ask questions, and interpret clues to help the Mystery Inc. gang crack the case!

Hall of Portraits
Daphne has headed to the mansion’s hall of portraits to use her people skills and knack for fashion to comb for clues hidden among pictures of the mansion’s inhabitants past and present. Daphne will invite visitors to search the portraits alongside her. Visitors will discover a hidden safe behind one of the portraits that contains a note revealing the motive behind the villain’s jewel thieving crimes. Daphne will also encourage families to be brave as they encounter a few spooky noises and effects. Using their sleuthing skills, families will discover the tricks the villain uses to create these illusions.

Villain’s Workshop
After telling the gang to split up to look for clues, Fred came across some mysterious glowing footprints. He followed them and discovered a secret passage that led to the villain’s laboratory and tinkering workshop. There Fred has gathered supplies to build a trap to catch the villain. Fred calls upon visitors to help him test it to make sure it is in working order. He also invites visitors to explore the villain’s workshop to try and uncover additional clues to the villain’s true identity.

Library and Music Room
Velma has headed to the mansion library and music room to do research and search for clues that will help Mystery Inc. crack the case of the jewel-thieving ghost. During her initial search of the room she collected a few clues and also noticed some strange green finger prints in a couple of locations, but then “Jinkies!” she lost her glasses! Since she can’t see anything without her glasses, Velma calls upon visitors to help finish her investigation by analyzing the clues she has found and taking a closer look at the mysterious green fingerprints by the room’s pipe organ.

Scooby and Shaggy were a little spooked by the haunted mansion so they headed to the kitchen to hide out and make themselves a snack. On their way to the kitchen, they ran straight into the ghost! Families will be invited to participate in an iconic Scooby-Doo chase sequence alongside Scooby and Shaggy. After successfully outrunning the ghost, families will join the duo in the kitchen to celebrate and prepare some well deserved snacks! Families with preschool-aged children will be especially drawn to this lighthearted area of the haunted mansion that features Mystery Inc.’s comedic duo.

Case Closed Photo Op
Visitors will close the case of the jewel-thieving ghost at an interactive photo op with the entire Mystery Inc. gang in celebration of catching and unmasking the villain. Since the entire exhibit is a free-choice learning experience, the photo op will have multiple props for families to choose so they can take a photo that represents their personal exhibit experience. The head of the villain can also be removed if a family wants one of their own members to be the person being unmasked!


Date Location
Spring 2023 The Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI
Summer 2023 Mayborn Museum Complex, Waco, TX
Fall 2023 The Magic House, St. Louis, MO
Spring 2024 Impression 5 Science Center, Lansing, MI (pending)
Summer 2024 Golisano Children's Museum of Naples, Naples, FL (pending)
Fall 2024 Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Spring 2025 The Strong, Rochester, NY (pending)
Summer 2025 Children's Museum of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
Fall 2025 Available

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