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Why are there no dinosaur fossils in Indiana?

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"39153","attributes":{"class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","alt":"dino why"}}]]We have a lot of dinosaur fossils around the museum...but wouldn't you know it? Dinosaur fossils aren't found in Indiana! Natural Science Curator and Paleontologist Dallas Evans explains why...

It just doesn’t seem fair.   

Dinosaur bones have been uncovered on each of the seven continents, so why can’t any be found in Indiana?

You can blame the glaciers for that.

It‘s very likely that dinosaurs once lived here. Unfortunately the bedrock and sediments that may have contained their fossils were obliterated long ago. Massive glaciers came into the state and scraped, gouged and eroded layers upon layers of rock. The grinding action of these glaciers removed the evidence of entire geologic periods in Indiana.  

So the bad news—no dinosaurs in Indiana. We don’t even have Mesozoic rocks in the state.

But there is good news too. With the glaciers came cool ice age animals—mammoths, mastodons, giant ground sloths,…