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Inside the Hot Wheels: Race to Win Exhibit

Sleek racecars surge down the straights at thrilling speeds, banking into steep turns. Their engines whine, rumble, and roar! Pit crews work at a lightning-fast pace to keep their teams on top. And fans rise to their feet, cheering for more! This is the excitement of auto racing, which brings together science, technology, engineering, and math to build and run the fastest speed machines on Earth—but it takes a team to race and win! Now YOU and your family can be part of the team with Hot Wheels™: Race to Win™, the all-new exhibit from The Children’s Museum. What can you expect to find in Hot Wheels: Race To Win? Learn more about what this exhibit has in store...

Real-World Racing

Hot Wheels: Race to Win takes you behind the scenes of some of the world’s most popular and dynamic racing leagues—such as Formula One, IndyCar, NASCAR, and NHRA drag racing—to discover what it takes to stand in the winner’s circle. And you’ll use Hot Wheels® cars and track to test and demonstrate racing concepts. The exhibit is divided into four zones that include interactives, artifacts, and Hot Wheels track tables!

  • Explore speed in the Green Zone. See who has the fastest car at the track table, and test your tire-changing speed in the family Pit Stop Challenge!
  • Experience racing power in the Yellow Zone. Learn the unique sounds of different racecar engines.
  • Design in the Blue Zone. Learn how car body design affects speed and then make the calls on race day using adjustable Hot Wheels tracks!
  • Check for safety in the Red Zone. Race down Hot Wheels track at top speeds and make your jump without crashing!

An Intergenerational Experience

IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula One, NHRA drag racing . . . these are just a few of the styles of motorsports that are beloved all across the U.S., and especially in Indiana—home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indianapolis 500.

Combine that local love of racing with generations of Hot Wheels fans, and you and your family will make and share great memories in Hot Wheels: Race to Win! And, for the next five years, the exhibit will tour to other children’s museums around the U.S., returning each May to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

See more from the exhibit in this television commercial and in this album of visitor photos!

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