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Now...and for the future.

For decades The Children’s Museum has provided transformative learning experiences for the children and families who walk through our doors—but our work is never complete.

The Extraordinary Transformations campaign is an effort to build upon the foundation we’ve set in place to continue providing world-class learning experiences to children and families. With a successful campaign, we aim to:

  • Become a national model for health and family fitness
  • Continue enhancing transformative family learning
  • Advance science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs and experiences for all ages
  • Provide education and career opportunities and guidance to the people of the Mid-North neighborhoods

We’re already under way, fulfilling these goals with exhibits like Beyond Spaceship Earth and Dow AgroSciences ScienceWorks, experiences like the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience, and programs like the Old National Bank Mid-North Promise Program.

With only $2 million left to raise, we are in the homestretch of this historic $71 million campaign, but we need your help to finish strong!

When you support the museum, you grow the city, the neighborhoods, and the families that fill them. Your donation makes an impact on visitors tiny and tall. You create experiences and memories for ALL. Give today.

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This is a place where inspiration gets sparked, dreams grow big, and sleeves get rolled up. You've made memories here. And if you haven't, you know someone who has.

You and the people you love make us who we are—and we want you to be a part of where we're going—for your city, for your neighborhood, for your family. This is YOUR museum.

Extraordinary Stories

Extraordinary Stories: Creed Anthony

I have been a visitor, member, and ambassador for the world’s biggest (and in my opinion) best children’s museum for years. This museum has fostered the opportunity for growth, inquisition, experimentation, declarations, and fun for my family. And the best thing? Every year it gets better. I could go on and on with the myriad of perspectives, but if you consider this museum, my family’s museum, it offers opportunities for all of those kids to learn, grow, and develop skills that interest them. And maybe, just maybe, discover and develop skills they didn’t even know they had. And if the adults are being honest – we are learning and playing just as much as we explore with our families. Thank you for supporting my family’s museum, your museum, our museum—and all that it offers to those who enter the doors. The opportunities are endless. My family can definitely assure you of that.  

Extraordinary Stories: Kurt Vonnegut

Hands down, Indianapolis has the greatest Children's Museum in the world. My father was one of the founders, and last year I went out there to talk about the design of the new Center for Exploration. It's superb, and I'm honored to be involved in any way.

Extraordinary Stories: Booth Tarkington

It seems to me that Indianapolis is fortunate in being one of those more advanced American cities that possess a Children's Museum...It is excellent, too, for us to form the habit of enjoying museums while we are young; we thereby provide ourselves with the sort of pleasure that will increase for us as we grow older. More, by improving our appreciation of museums, we improve the museums themselves and make them what all of them should be, and many of them are, a visual, permanent history of life and beauty.

Show us YOUR museum

Share your photos using #MyTCM. When you donate to the museum, you make extraordinary moments like these continue to happen for years to come.