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Family Outreach Nights

Bring the museum to you! Experience an engaging family program designed for grades K–5. Discover life in outer space, glass art, or even archaeology—all delivered by our experienced experts in the comfort of your organization. Programs are designed for families to discover and learn together.

We provide:

  • Museum educators to train volunteers, facilitate presentations, and set up all activities
  • All activity supplies, according to the capacity for which you register
  • Museum-quality signs and graphics for each activity
  • Family-learning handouts

Programs start at just $525 and can be scheduled for Wednesdays or Thursdays from 6–8 p.m. Outreaches are limited to a 60 mile radius from the museum. During the months of January and February outreaches are limited to a 30-mile radius.

All outreaches will follow current school and museum safety protocol. To register for an outreach, contact Valerie Wells at 317-334-3317. For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or email outreach@childrensmuseum.org.

Program Options

Take Me There®: Greece

Travel to Greece and discover the life, language, food, arts, and culture of this rich and vibrant country. Help a sea turtle in need, create your own marvelous mosaic, and explore the ingredients of a traditional Greek meal.

Take Action: Make a Difference Today

Explore the stories of four extraordinary children: Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, and Malala Yousafzai. Discover ways to deal with bullying, learn about character education and empathy, and inspire your family to take action and make a difference.

Our Water, Our World

Come learn about the different properties of water and how you can help to stop water pollution. Discover ways to save water at home and the importance of the water cycle to our world.

National Geographic Treasures of the Earth

Bring the thrill and science of real archaeological discovery to your family. Become an archaeologist and use clues to assemble Terra Cotta Warriors the way emperor Qin might have done, examine a mystery artifact, and translate hieroglyphs in a pharaoh’s cartouche.

Studio of Colors

Be inspired by the colorful work of artist Dale Chihuly. Make your own art sculpture using balloons, practice abstract painting techniques, and use transparency film to make 3-D art.

Beyond Spaceship Earth

Learn about life in space and discover what it is like on the International Space Station. Work with robotics and circuitry to solve challenges, all while experiencing a little bit of outer space here on Earth.

Dinosaur Discoveries

Let’s explore the world of dinosaurs! Compete in the Species Survival Game, design your own dinosaur, watch a 3D printer in action, and touch real fossils as you join The Children’s Museum for an interactive evening with your family as you discover dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.




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